Update Total Commander * + Total Commander* für Android


PS da steht zwar "Werbung"
Ich finde den Forenpost von Christian nicht wieder, aber den Werbehinweis musste er einbauen, da er "Werbung" (in Wirklichkeit sind's nur Downloadlinks) in der APP für die Erweiterungen mach.
Das verlangen jedenfalls die Statuten von Google Play.
Ohne den Werbehinweis wäre der TC wohl aus dem APP-Store geflogen.


Bekanntes Mitglied
Totalcommander für Android hat heute ein Update auf Version 3.32 erfahren. Größte Neuerung, es gibt keinen Direktdownload für APK-Files mehr. Die alleinige Möglichkeit für den Download geht ab sofort über den Playstore von Gockel (oder alternativ funktioniert es auch über die bekannten Angebote von externen APK-Downloadern).


Total Commander 10.50 beta 6

18.05.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 beta 6
18.05.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Clicking on the album art icon didn't make the player small again when the image was no longer shown (64)
18.05.22 Fixed: Rearranged dialog box items again in Configuration - Options - Edit/View, removed spaces from hotkeys (32/64)
17.05.22 Added: Internal Media Player: Read album cover image in GIF/JPEG/PNG format from m4a (mpeg 4) 'covr' tags (32/64)
17.05.22 Fixed: Synchronize Dirs: Alt+F4 or click on "X" during an active comparison now immediately stops the comparison without closing the window (32/64)
17.05.22 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] FileTipWindowsOnIcon=0, set to 1 to show tooltips only when the cursor is over the icon, or where it would be when icons are disabled. Does not affect thumbs view (32/64)
15.05.22 Fixed: Read fields from id3v2.3 tag with desynchronization applied (32/64)
15.05.22 Fixed: Read album cover image in GIF format from id3v2 tags (32/64)
15.05.22 Fixed: Some album cover images from id3v2.4 tag were not shown (32/64)
15.05.22 Fixed: Tab header, locked with directory changes allowed: The "!" when in a different folder was sometimes too close to the tab text (32/64)
15.05.22 Fixed: cm_SwitchFileTipWindows: New value of FileTipWindows wasn't saved to wincmd.ini (32/64)
13.05.22 Fixed: Print file list or tree: It was possible to scroll the list just up when there was no scrollbar, or one with a very limited range (64)
13.05.22 Added: Load album cover images also from FLAC files (32/64)
13.05.22 Fixed: Memory leak when a track contained multiple images, and the one used was not the first and replaced one earlier in the file (32/64)
13.05.22 Fixed: FLAC file tags: If the genre field contains multiple entries separated by line breaks, replace the breaks with ";" (32/64)
13.05.22 Fixed: Reduced flickering when dragging file(s) from one panel to another, or within the same panel (32/64)
13.05.22 Added: Button bar: Set window title of the bar to the name of the bar file (without path) (32/64)
13.05.22 Fixed: Dark mode, Configuration - Options - Color: An extra frame was drawn in the top-left corner of the dialog box instead of the preview panel (64)
13.05.22 Fixed: Copying in background transfer manager (F5-F2) no longer worked when using "Only files of this type" (32/64)
13.05.22 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: After choosing "<default>" from the dropdown combobox, adding new strings via buttons could sometimes insert unwanted random characters (64)
13.05.22 Added: Multi-rename tool, "Upper-/lowercase" combobox, "First of each word uppercase (English)": When configured via LowercaseStrings option in wincmd.ini, end the description with ! to allow that the last word can be all lowercase (32/64)
12.05.22 Fixed: Updated TC7Z.DLL and TC7Z64.DLL to LZMA SDK 21.7 (32/64)
12.05.22 Fixed: Corrected some glitches in Configuration - Options - Edit/View (unwanted '&' characters, switching between languages) (32/64)
12.05.22 Fixed: wincmd.ini [Configuration], the two new values SelectionFocusDark and InactiveFocusDark didn't use the values of SelectionFocus and InactiveFocus as the default (32/64)

Total Commander for Android 3.32
Download nur noch über das Forum!

Ich empfehle zusätzlich diesen Thread von Christian Ghisler zu den aktuellen Problemen mit Google, die dazu führen könnten, dass der Android-TC komplett aus Google Play verschwindet. :(
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Total Commander 10.50 beta 7

25.05.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 beta 7
25.05.22 Fixed: Trim of trailing spaces from id3v1 tags didn't work if the tag was filled to the end with spaces (32/64)
25.05.22 Added: New parameters 8 and 9 for all internal commands cm_srcby*, e.g. cm_srcbyname 8 saves the current sort order internally, cm_srcbyname 9 restores it (32/64)
25.05.22 Fixed: msimg32.dll was loaded from the program directory by the Lazarus libraries by mistake, which is a possible security risk (64)
25.05.22 Fixed: Configuration-Options-Color: Preview color for dark mode border was wrong (32/64)
25.05.22 Fixed: Configuration-Options-Color: Preview text for hint window was wrong (32/64)
25.05.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Date/time for the files on the right side were not shown in Windows 9x (32)
24.05.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Read meta data and album cover image in GIF/JPEG/PNG format from m4a (mpeg 4) files also when stored at the END of the file (32/64)
24.05.22 Added: The internal commands cm_list, cm_listInternalOnly, cm_listInternalMulti, cm_listOnly, cm_listMulti now support the same parameters as via command line, with switch / at the start, e.g. cm_list /T1 filename (32/64)
24.05.22 Added: Command line parameter /S=L to open a separate Lister window: New sub-parameter F to open Lister in full screen view, e.g. /S=L:F filename (32/64)
24.05.22 Fixed: Lister, new internal media player: Ctrl+V now also switches to full screen as with the old player, in addition to Alt+Enter (32/64)
24.05.22 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] FileTipWindowsOnIcon=2 shows Win32-style tip on icon, full name on shortened name, but only when Win32 style tips are enabled in settings (32/64)
23.05.22 Fixed: Find files: Close standalone search with a small delay after receiving WM_CLOSE (e.g. from AutoHotkey) to avoid access violation (64)
23.05.22 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Refresh search and replace comboboxes manually, they aren't fully redrawn after adding items to their dropdown list with refresh disabled (64)
23.05.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Album art wasn't found in some id3v2.4 tags which were using an extra "Data length indicator" field (32/64)
23.05.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Some subfolders were found as missing when a file was stored in an archive with a relative path a\b\filename without the folders themselves (32764)
23.05.22 Fixed: Compare by content, right to left language: The new "Sync" button was overlapping text (32/64)
22.05.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Added some small distance between all the player controls (32/64)
22.05.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: The player controls didn't show up when moving the mouse to the bottom while paused/stopped in full screen mode (32/64)
22.05.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Play/Pause didn't work by clicking on the album art image, only by clicking on the player background (32/64)
22.05.22 Fixed: When using the new parameter /P to position the cursor on the last part of the passed path, the view mode was not updated to the new directory (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Thumbnails view, only about 1+1/2 rows visible, press left arrow in last line on first item -> cursor was not jumping to the last item in the previous row (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Id3v1 tags: Ignore genre=0 in id3v1 tag if incomplete id3v2 tag doesn't contain genre, and don't set genre field to 0 (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Compare by content: Use different dialog box title for "Edit user-defined separators" (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Tooltips (not the win32 style) were not shown correctly when using duplicate file finder - feed to listbox (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Button bar: When setting the tooltip to a single space to hide the tip, an empty tip was still shown for a button opening another button as a menu (after closing the menu) (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Rearranged dialog box items AGAIN in Configuration - Options - Edit/View (32/64)
20.05.22 Fixed: Lister: Always check menu item "Internal" in "Plugins" menu when viewing file with mode '4' (Multimedia) and no plugin is used (32/64)


Bekanntes Mitglied
Naja, leider auch hier TC für Android:
- prevent installation of all apk files due to Google Play policies
Hier die 3.33, wollte grad ein APK installieren, nö, will nicht.
Lade mir eben die 3.32 runter, die das noch kann:


Total Commander 10.50 beta 8

01.06.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 beta 8
01.06.22 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Enable and immediately disable dark mode again, then switch to Font page -> buttons were missing (64)
01.06.22 Added: cm_*UserSpec commands now support 2 parameters: 8: remember current file filter (including "All Files" and "Programs"), 9: restore previously remembered file filter (32/64)
01.06.22 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Tabstops/Data formats: Revert the displayed choice to <Default> when the user chooses a character or number as a separator (32/64)
01.06.22 Fixed: Button bar: A negative number in the command field like -27 was shown with a hint for the corresponding command with parameters when using external language files (32/64)
01.06.22 Fixed: The last user command 899 (700+199) could not be executed from a button (32/64)
01.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode: The text in checkboxes started too far to the right compared to normal mode. The exact value used by Windows is unknown, so 1/2 of the with of the number '0' will now be used (32/64)
31.05.22 Fixed: The internal commands cm_list* now work with parameters even when the /S=L: part isn't removed (32/64)
31.05.22 Fixed: Updated the TRegExpr library to version 158 to handle a combination of recursion and back references, e.g. ([a-z])(?R)?\1 to match e.g. abccba (32/64)
31.05.22 Fixed: Mark newer, hide same files: The first character of the text "Comparison:" was converted to lowercase by mistake (due to DrivesShowUpcase) (32/64)
30.05.22 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] PreferUtf8ForZip=1/0 when a ZIP file does not have the UTF-8 flag set, but all characters are valid UTF-8, prefer UTF-8 over ANSI (enabled by default except for double byte languages like Chinese) (32/64)
30.05.22 Fixed: Master password dialog: Ctrl+V not working when disabling the keyboard hook (AllowHook=0 in wcx_ftp.ini) (32/64)
30.05.22 Fixed: cm_list* commands with parameters: /N (no plugins) and /Spluginame now take precedence over cm_list vs cm_listInternalOnly (32/64)
30.05.22 Added: Support FileTipWindowsOnIcon=2 also in thumbnails view: The image part (with frame) is considered the icon where the Win32 style tip is shown, while the tip for the shortened name is shown below (32/64)
30.05.22 Fixed: FileTipWindowsOnIcon=2 didn't work properly in brief view, only in the first column (32/64)
30.05.22 Fixed: Two screens with different DPI, main window on second screen -> background pack/unpack/copy dialogs were placed incorrectly (background transfer manager was correct) (32/64)
29.05.22 Fixed: When closing multiple Lister windows with media playback at once, e.g. by closing Total Commander or shutting down Windows, store all positions in [LastTracks] by increasing the seconds by one for each additional file (32/64)
29.05.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Print preview in dark mode had wrong color directories (32/64)
29.05.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Some subfolders were still found as missing when using filters like *.txt and a file was stored in an archive with a relative path a\b\filename without the folders themselves (32/64)


Total Commander 10.50 RC1

08.06.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 release candidate 1 (RC1)
08.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content: The bottom 2 line compare list wasn't refreshed when changing an option via "Sync" button
08.06.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Added some more distance between all the player controls because Windows controls were taking space outside (32/64)
08.06.22 Fixed: Updated unrar9x.dll for Windows 9x/ME/2000 to version 6.12.0 from official unrar sources unrarsrc-6.1.7.tar.gz dated 2022-05-04 (32)
08.06.22 Added: The following commands now work without a file name as a parameter, will ask user: SAVETABS, SAVETABSL, SAVETABSR, SAVETABS2, SAVETABS2L, SAVETABS2R (32/64)
08.06.22 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Font used wrong font preview when the font encoding wasn't set to Western (64)
08.06.22 Fixed: When copying folders to protected locations like "Program Files", the option "As Administrator" now confirms the entire folder with all items in it, even if some need to be copied later in a second pass (32/64)
07.06.22 Fixed: wincmd.ini [Packer] PreferUtf8ForZip=1 is now the default also on Asian language Windows versions (32/64)
07.06.22 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Font: Always draw separator lines manually, not only in dark mode (64)
06.06.22 Fixed: Tooltips for button bar and drive bar used wrong font when the font name contained non-English character(s), e.g. Chinese font name on Chinese Windows (64)
06.06.22 Fixed: Lister: When switching from Explorer view (mode 8) to plain text view (mode 1), do not perform ASCII encoding detection if the file is Unicode (32/64)
06.06.22 Fixed: Titles in totalcmd.inc are now more consistent, but they will not get translated with older versions of Total Commander (32/64)
05.06.22 Fixed: Lister: Double click on album art image didn't make the window full screen. Double clicking on a jpg/gif/png/bmp will also make the window full screen (32/64)
05.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content: Increased maximum line length for character by character comparison from 4096 to 32768 characters, edit mode from 16350 to 32768 characters (32/64)
05.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content: F2 didn't jump to the right location of the differences in edit mode when comparing UTF-8 files (32/64)
05.06.22 Fixed: Internal Media Player: Cover image in OGG file meta data was ignored with MIME type image/jpg instead of image/jpeg (32/64)
05.06.22 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareF2Mode=1 controls how F2 finds new strings in Compare by content: 0: just within the current line, 1: go to next line after last match, 2: restart in the current line (wrap around) after last match (32/64)
05.06.22 Fixed: When copying folders to protected locations like "Program Files", the folder timestamp couldn't be copied (32/64)
03.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content, "Sync" option 3: Handle special case where the two matching separators (left and right file) are the same -> they need to be drawn as part of the identical text (32/64)
03.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content, "Sync" button: When the user changes the user-defined separators, switch to mode 3 which uses them and re-display the lines (32/64)
03.06.22 Fixed: Print preview: Intercept cursor movement and page up/down when there are no scrollbars to prevent unwanted scrolling (64)
02.06.22 Fixed: cm_*UserSpec commands with parameters didn't work when combined with other commands in the button bar or start menu (32/64)


Total Commander 10.50 RC2

15.06.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 release candidate 2 (RC2)
15.06.22 Fixed: Shift+Tab didn't switch between file list panel and separate tree panel when the other panel was used for quick view (64)
15.06.22 Fixed: Windows 11: Error when moving Lister window between two screens with different DPI due to snap function interfering (64)
15.06.22 Fixed: Windows 11: Wrong menu item size in menu bar after moving main window or lister to secondary screen with Win+Shift+Cursor left/right (64)
15.06.22 Fixed: Find files: Manually resize checkboxes ANSI, ASCII etc. so they don't overlap the right border in dark mode (64)
14.06.22 Fixed: Drive buttonbar: Align the leftmost button of the right drive bar to the right file panel when using 50:50 percent split (32/64)
14.06.22 Fixed: Windows 10, dark mode, main configuration: The category list on the left had a white scrollbar (only when using a font too large for the dialog, and autoscale disabled) (32/64)
14.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode, Alt+F10 tree: The combobox font background was overdrawing the combobox border in some higher DPI resolutions (32/64)
13.06.22 Fixed: Lister, internal media player: Mouse wheel only changed volume when the cursor was above the volume slider (32/64)
13.06.22 Fixed: Lister was no longer showing percentage in its menu bar for lister plugins which supported it (32/64)
12.06.22 Fixed: Configuration-Options-Font: Font preview was wrong when the font name contained non-English character(s), e.g. Chinese font name on Chinese Windows (64)
12.06.22 Fixed: Lister: The buttons of the internal media player had invalid icons when using yellow or red as the text color (32/64)
12.06.22 Fixed: File system plugin, find files, feed to listbox, F5 copy -> the option to preserve relative paths was missing after TC 9.22a (32/64)
10.06.22 Fixed: Lister: Do not remember ASCII override set via parameter cm_list /S, it was used in all later opened listers too (32/64)
09.06.22 Fixed: Returned to old Free Pascal (fpc) compiler 2.5.1 because some users experienced access violations at program start with newer compiler (64)
09.06.22 Fixed: Print preview: Intercept also left/right cursor movement when there is no horizontal scrollbar to prevent unwanted scrolling (64)


Total Commander 10.50 RC3

22.06.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 release candidate 3 (RC3)
22.06.22 Fixed: Quick view panel (Ctrl+Q): The background color was not set to the user-defined background color when playing audio (32)
22.06.22 Fixed: Quick view panel (Ctrl+Q): The panel didn't have a border, only after going to the next/previous file (64)
22.06.22 Fixed: Prevent the loading of more buttons from .bar files than the current limit (now increased to 1000 buttons) (32/64)
22.06.22 Fixed: Button bar: Increased maximum number of buttons from 500 to 1000 (64k limit for .bar file still applies) (32/64)
22.06.22 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: When multiple files are selected, pre-load the last used date only if the date format wasn't changed in the meantime (32/64)
21.06.22 Fixed: Create CRC checksums: Invalid line breaks added to SFV files (CRC) when using "Create separate checksum files for each file" (32/64)
21.06.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Set minimum size so the buttons on the left don't overlap the "Show" groupbox (32/64)
21.06.22 Fixed: For security reasons, clear all passwords of currently active FTP connections when Total Commander gets minimized or the screen saver starts, same as with the master password (32/64)
21.06.22 Fixed: cm_UpdateQuickView didn't work if the file list wasn't updated via auto-refresh (32/64)
20.06.22 Fixed: Optionally use string 5929 for internal plugins in Lister (plugins menu) and for description of 4i internal option instead of 1726 (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content, edit file, F2 jump to next match within a line: Blinking cursor may not be shown when F2 continues in the next line (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Button "Synchronize..." too narrow for some languages, make wider when the dialog box is large enough (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Configuration-Options-Custom columns: The option chosen in "Configure columns for file system" was lost when changing language, resulting in an empty list of configurations (32)
17.06.22 Fixed: Copy/Move with background transfer manager (F5-F2): Aborting a long file would show a dialog box which couldn't be accessed, but only on Windows 7/8/8.1 (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Lister: Disable zoom of album cover also when clicking on 100% menu item (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: After hovering over an URL in Lister (html view), the "drop forbidden" cursor during Drag&drop changed to the URL cursor (64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Copy/Move with background transfer manager (F5-F2): Removed colon ":" from name of operation (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode: Tab headers not redrawn correctly when changing tabs via cursor keys when focused, e.g. in Find files dialog (64)
17.06.22 Fixed: When using the option "Select only the file name when renaming", the wrong part of the name would get selected in branch view or search results on cursor up/down (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: Print preview (File - Print - File list): The list of fonts in the dropdown combobox was unsorted (32)
17.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode: The "i" icon wasn't supported in the custom message box, e.g. when pressing F8 (delete) on ".." (32/64)
17.06.22 Fixed: The new "Sync" button in "Compare by content" didn't support Unicode (32)
17.06.22 Fixed: The new controls in Configuration - Options - Tabstops/Data Formats didn't support Unicode (32)


Total Commander 10.50 RC4

29.06.22 Release Total Commander 10.50 release candidate 4 (RC4)
29.06.22 Fixed: Detect when "Everything" returns the same file twice in search results, and only show it once (32/64)
29.06.22 Fixed: Lister, internal media player: Couldn't use cursor left/right to scroll through the track while maximized and no player controls visible (shows controls for 2 seconds) (32/64)
29.06.22 Fixed: Lister, internal media player: Set focus to the track position trackbar when (re-)showing the player controls (32/64)
29.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode: Dropdown button triangle in owner-drawn comboboxes was drawn too high (32/64)
29.06.22 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Draw strings for file list example centered, not bottom or top aligned (32/64)
28.06.22 Fixed: Rename with Shift+F6, go to next/previous file with cursor keys: Footer wasn't updated, e.g. in brief view or branch view (32/64)
27.06.22 Fixed: When changing between normal and dark mode, keep the main menu translation unchanged even if the user changed the language in another instance of the program (32/64)
27.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode, Configuration - Options - Color - Others: When no color was set, a click on >> used the default color from light mode (32/64)
26.06.22 Fixed: Compare by content: Very long lines over 10000 characters could result in overlapping text (32/64)
26.06.22 Fixed: Could no longer copy a single file to multiple selected folders (F5 - Options - Copy to all selected...) (32/64)
24.06.22 Fixed: When using the option "Select only the file name when renaming", the whole relative path+name was selected when they didn't contain any dots (32/64)
24.06.22 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Result list could show garbage (on Windows versions not supporting LB_SETCOUNT) while items were still added to the list (64)
23.06.22 Fixed: Button bar: Hint texts (in tooltips) were not always translated any more due to switch to older compiler (64)
23.06.22 Fixed: Dark mode: The background of the dark mode MessageBox replacement (e.g. error when trying to delete '..') wasn't two colors as in 32-bit (64)
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