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Zum Lichterfest liegt sicher die Final unter der Bio-Tanne. :yo
Die Jungz sind seit Wochen schwer am ackern,
ich bedanke mich schon jetzt für deren Mühen!
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Warum schreibt Ihr denn nicht einfach Herrn Ghisler an und fragt ihn selbst?
Soweit ich Ihn kenne, wird er Euch aufklären.
Laut dem obigen Link hat es aber am 26.12.2006 eine Antwort auf diese Frage gegeben. Inwieweit dies noch aktuell ist? Wie gesagt: einfach fragen!
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Rainer Zufall

Bekanntes Mitglied
21.01.20 - 9.50 RC1
  • Neuer Menüpunkt "Dunkel<->Normal" im Menü Konfigurieren
  • Mauszeiger springt auf Standardknopf, falls diese Option in der Systemsteuerung unter "Maus" aktiviert ist
  • Fehlerkorrekturen


Total Commander 9.51 release candidate 4 (RC4)

04.03.20 Release Total Commander 9.51 release candidate 4 (RC4)
04.03.20 Fixed: Find files: Using a list file wouldn't find all files any more when each line of the list contained a file name with wildcards (32/64)
04.03.20 Fixed: Find files: Regular expressions+DOS charset+ignore case didn't work (32/64)
04.03.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Redraw buttons when user presses a key in a dialog box while quick access letters aren't underlined (32/64)
04.03.20 Fixed: New option in regional settings "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support": Read both UTF-8 and ANSI values from wincmd.ini (32/64)
03.03.20 Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: Use IPreviewHandlerVisuals to set foreground and background colors of some preview handlers like font preview (32/64)
03.03.20 Fixed: Lister, Explorer preview: Improved stability, especially out of process like PDF (32/64)
03.03.20 Fixed: Overlapping components in FTP connection details dialog (64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Right to left language: Make all edit boxes and editable comboboxes left-aligned like in the 32-bit version (64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Right to left language: Show size unit to the left of the size field when it's not using English abbreviations (32/64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Right to left language, dark mode: Comboboxes with no edit part must be mirrored too (64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Right to left language: Some dialogs not mirrored correctly: Compare by content, Folder tabs - Show icons on tabs, Change button bar (upper listbox must not be mirrored!) (32/64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Quick search: Do not scale icon and text with DPI set by user in Configuration - Options - Font (32/64)
02.03.20 Fixed: MessageBox dialogs (e.g. shown on Shift+F8) were not mirrored for right to left languages (32/64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Problems caused by new option in regional settings "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support": No more ANSI/OEM text support in compare by content, search function (32/64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Access violation in background transfer manager and background copy dialog (F5-Enter-Background) if program data was loaded above 4GB limit in memory (64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Mouse wheel no longer worked in path panel -> breadcrumb dropdown list (32)
02.03.20 Fixed: Configure custom columns: Only the dialog size was restored, not the position (64)
02.03.20 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Icons - Vertical: Don't select value of zero (32)
02.03.20 Fixed: Tab order in overwrite confirmation dialog incorrect (32)
01.03.20 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connections: Focus rectangle was drawn incorrectly with classic theme (64)
01.03.20 Fixed: Drag file from inside archive to Chrome would sometimes cause an access violation (64)
01.03.20 Fixed: Switch from dark to light mode while FTP connection was active -> combobox for transfer mode was still dark (32/64)
01.03.20 Fixed: Better automatic color conversion for colors by file type from light to dark mode (32/64)
28.02.20 Fixed: Problems caused by new option in regional settings "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support": No more ANSI/OEM text support in ZIP, FTP and Lister (32/64)


Total Commander 9.51 release candidate 5 (RC5)

11.03.20 Release Total Commander 9.51 release candidate 5 (RC5)
11.03.20 Fixed: If the current user profile directory contains characters from a different codepage and 8.3 names are disabled, set default ini file dir to c:\temp, with c the same drive as the user directory (32/64)
10.03.20 Fixed: Allow to install/uninstall/repair and use Total Commander even if the current user profile directory contains characters from a different codepage, as long as the disk has 8.3 names enabled (32/64)
09.03.20 Fixed: Intercept Ctrl+V and Shift+Insert to command line and current path edit when it doesn't contain plain text, to avoid crash due to a Windows bug (32/
09.03.20 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: button to load results for next step not adapted to dark mode or high DPI (32/64)
09.03.20 Fixed: Dark mode: Right click on vertical button bar: Dialog box to confirm hiding of vertical button bar not dark (32/64)


Beta 4

01.04.21 Release Total Commander 10.00 public beta 4
01.04.21 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color dialog could hang when using some fonts when the preview box was too small (32/64)
01.04.21 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, click on "1x" button: "Define" button wasn't translated in dark mode (64)
01.04.21 Fixed: Opening a directory in an already running Total Commander via parameter /O was much slower than in previous versions (32/64)
01.04.21 Added: Compare by content: When cursor is in bottom 2 line compare list, show the line number as selected in both the bottom list and previously active list (32/64)
01.04.21 Added: Compare by content: Scroll main lists with cursor up/down also when focus is in bottom 2 line compare list (32/64)
01.04.21 Added: Compare by content: Ctrl+Tab now returns from the bottom 2 line compare list to the last active (left or right) compare list (32/64)
31.03.21 Fixed: Find files, find text: If "RegEx (2)" is checked, accept empty text, and search as .* (32/64)
31.03.21 Fixed: Find files, plugins tab: Couldn't save custom operators in search when using the new flag contflags_fieldsearch, e.g. for field tc->"partner file with other extension" (32/64)
31.03.21 Fixed: The new internal field tc->"partner file with other extension" now also accepts *.ext or .ext in addition to just "ext" (32/64)
31.03.21 Fixed: Installer didn't work when trying to install to a FAT-formatted target, e.g. a USB flash drive (32/64)
30.03.21 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Use easier to understand texts in new dialog opened from button [1x] (32/64)
30.03.21 Added: Find files: wincmd.ini [Configuration] WarnSearchText=1: 1=warn if search text cannot be converted to ANSI/ASCII, 0=no warning, -1=disable affected modes (like ANSI) and search with e.g. Unicode if it was checked, 2=combination of 1 and -1 (32/64)
30.03.21 Added: Find files: Warn user when he enters a text in "Find text" which cannot be converted to ANSI and/or ASCII (if cheched) (32/64)
30.03.21 Fixed: Lister: Switching away from new media player to any text mode still didn't repaint the background on some systems (32/64)
29.03.21 Fixed: Lister: When "Define view mode by file type" was set to 4i followed by a plugin (e.g. 4i,mmedia.wlx), switching from the plugin back to the internal viewer didn't work (32/64)
29.03.21 Fixed: On Windows 7, thumbnails were not drawn correctly in dark mode, they were displaced sideways (64)
29.03.21 Fixed: When drawing thumbnails, consider that on Windows 10 1709 (Fall 2017) and older Windows versions, the maximum item height in a listbox is limited to 255 pixels (32/64)
28.03.21 Fixed: Lister, html viewer: Do not show text within "style" tag, even when inside <body>, it contains style sheet data (32/64)
28.03.21 Fixed: Lister, html viewer: Support tag &zwnj; (Unicode 200C), Zero-width non-joiner, and the left to right and right to left marks &lrm; and &rlm; (32/64)
28.03.21 Fixed: Show Zone.Identifier stream data in Ctrl+L and custom columns even when the user set WantZoneData=0 (32/64)
26.03.21 Fixed: Lister: changing "Define view method by file type" option via Configuration - Options - Edit/View - "Configure internal viewer" wasn't applied until the program was restarted (32/64)
26.03.21 Fixed: Still no entry for .txt files in Context menu-New submenu on Windows 10 21337 (developer preview), because the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfilelegacy was missing a (default) value = description (32/64)
26.03.21 Fixed: Lister: New media player couldn't play tracks with name longer than 259 characters, need use prefix \\?\ or \\?\UNC\ (32/64)
26.03.21 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Allow to save custom fields like tc.comments with value containing line breaks (added via >> button) (32/64)
26.03.21 Added: New internal command OPENATTRIBUTES now also supports parameter +L or +L2 to load parameters from file under cursor in active/inactive panel (32/64)


Bis vorhin! ;)

Beta 6
15.04.21 Release Total Commander 10.00 public beta 6
15.04.21 Fixed: Dark mode: Crash in Configuration - Options - Plugins - Configure dialog, only on older Windows versions (32)
15.04.21 Fixed: Dark mode: Drawing error in groupboxes inside of tabs, e.g. in System information (64)
15.04.21 Added: Show native Windows error message also when copying or renaming, in addition to the generic "read error" or "write error" (32/64)
14.04.21 Fixed: Checking for infinite loops from hard links/junctions via GetFileInformationByHandleEx(..,FileIdInfo,..) not working on Windows 7 -> restrict to Windows 10 (32/64)
14.04.21 Fixed: New option "Return to locked tab root directory on tab change" wasn't visible on Windows 9x/ME (32)
14.04.21 Fixed: New option to use "Windows Hello" on Windows 10 to securely store master password didn't work unless it was used at least once in 32-bit (64)
14.04.21 Fixed: Compare by content: Couldn't choose a font not containing the local encoding on Windows with double byte languages like Chinese when choosing "Western". Note that Windows will still not set it to Western, but to local encoding (32/64)
13.04.21 Fixed: If copying with CopyFileEx fails with ERROR_REQUEST_ABORTED, there may be a remaining target file -> delete it manually after a short delay, and show error if it's still there (32/64)
13.04.21 Fixed: Internal "tc" content plugin translation: Support string 1579 longer than 254 characters (32/64)
13.04.21 Added: Option to disable automatic dialog box scaling with larger fonts: Configuration - Options - Font - Automatically adjust dialog boxes to larger fonts (32/64)
13.04.21 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AutoSizeDialogs=0 turns off automatic dialog box scaling with larger fonts (32/64)
12.04.21 Fixed: Wrong window position saved when using two screens with different dpi, window on right screen, but upper left corner on left screen (32/64)
12.04.21 Added: Automatically scale dialog boxes with the chosen font if the font needs more space than the default font (32/64)
11.04.21 Added: Detect when CopyFileEx returns ERROR_VIRUS_INFECTED, and report it as a read error (32/64)
09.04.21 Added: New internal command OPENATTRIBUTES now also supports parameter +c to load current date and time. Use e.g. +c +t to only change the date, not the time (32/64)
09.04.21 Fixed: Some more parameters for internal commands like cm_SrcQuickInternalOnly still could only be used separately, not together with other commands (32/64)
09.04.21 Fixed: Frame drawn around some multi-line edit boxes also in normal mode, e.g. in Ctrl+Z (should only be done in dark mode) (64)


Beta 7

22.04.21 Release Total Commander 10.00 public beta 7
22.04.21 Fixed: Thumbnails view: When zooming out, load larger images if there is space, up to 48x48 pixels (32/64)
22.04.21 Fixed: AutoPitch.dll: Reduced audio lag when playing tracks with more than 2 channels (32/64)
22.04.21 Fixed: Switch from full to thumbnail view (144x144), zoom to 10%, switch back to full view -> icons of internal associations were lost (32/64)
22.04.21 Fixed: On Windows 10 older than 1709 (Fall 2017) and older Windows versions, scale thumbnails if the size entered by the user is larger than 240, so the line would become higher than 255 pixels (32/64)
22.04.21 Fixed: Lister: When searching again with F7 and the search string remains unchanged, make sure to not find again the already found result (32/64)
21.04.21 Added: New placeholder %Bt, %Bt1 etc: Parent, grandparent directory of target folder (32/64)
21.04.21 Added: New placeholder %B for part of path (including branch view paths): %B or %B0 parent, %B1 grandparent etc. %B-, %B-1, %B-2 same but without branch view (32/64)
21.04.21 Fixed: Lister: Press '5' while a plugin was shown -> conversion to html was done twice because the key event was received twice (64)
20.04.21 Fixed: Lister, "Define view mode by file type": Problems with method 8 (Explorer view) when the file didn't have a preview handler, e.g. 8,4 for jpg couldn't switch to mode 4 (32/64)
20.04.21 Fixed: Lister, "Define view mode by file type": When a single value was set (e.g. 1 or 8), ignore it when the user presses '4', except for value 4i (32/64)
20.04.21 Fixed: AutoPitch.dll: Detect when the sample format changes, e.g. when the user switches from a 2 channel stereo stream to 6 channel surround in a TV recording (32/64)
20.04.21 Fixed: Compare by content: Double byte language fix from April 14 didn't fully work in 64-bit version only (64)
19.04.21 Fixed: AutoPitch.dll didn't accept 2 channel sound of type WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT(3), only PCM and WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE with MEDIASUBTYPE_IEEE_FLOAT (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: Quick view (inside the main window or separate) didn't delete temporarily unpacked videos because they were still open in the player (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: Separate quick view window (Ctrl+Shift+Q): Closing it while playing video continued to play the sound (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: File lists in main program were not refreshed after closing the dialog when it was opened via SYNCOPEN command (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: The main configuration dialog was no longer enlarged by 115% (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: Adjust columns for larger fonts in Configuration - Button bar, change single button via right click, and Set default icon library (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: FTP connect dialog (Ctrl+F): Lines weren't high enough with larger fonts (32/64)
19.04.21 Fixed: Lister: When trying to switch to Explorer view (8) fails, auto-detect plain text type (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16) instead of always displaying ANSI (32/64)
18.04.21 Fixed: Some functions like packing with external packer didn't support partial environment variables like %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~3,2% (32/64)
18.04.21 Fixed: Dark mode: Configuration - Options - Font: Font names and upper groupbox borders not shown (64)


Kommen die neuen Betas jetzt im Wochenrhythmus?
Nö, schon nach 6 Tagen:
Beta 8

29.04.21 Release Total Commander 10.00 public beta 8
29.04.21 Fixed: Compare by content: Faster pasting of a lot of lines from the clipboard (32/64)
29.04.21 Fixed: Compare by content: Access violation (read error) when recomparing after pasting thousands of lines (32/64)
29.04.21 Fixed: Compare by content: Ctrl+A in large file could be very slow (32/64)
29.04.21 Added: Lister: Log all errors which occur when loading Explorer preview handler fails (32/64)
29.04.21 Added: Parameters %S, %R, %P%S and %T%R now support appended text for each file. The parameter must be in double quotes, e.g. "%P%S.bak" would append .bak to each name (32/64)
29.04.21 Added: Special partial parameter with start value -0: %N:~-0,20 copies the first 20 characters of the name without extension, %N:~-0,-20 the first 20 characters of the extension without the name (32/64)
28.04.21 Fixed: Search in separate process: Name field for edit boxes and comboboxes wasn't set (32/64)
28.04.21 Added: Ctrl+U and Ctrl+Shift+U now also swap the displayed file types if DirTabFilters=1, because they are part of the tab (32/64)
27.04.21 Added: Background transfer manager (F5-F2) may show empty lines at the start in some cases (timing problem) (64)
27.04.21 Added: Prevent screen saver and sleep mode while playing video. Re-enable while paused or stopped (32/64)
27.04.21 Fixed: Lister: Viewing icon files (.ico) didn't work with internal image viewer (64)
26.04.21 Fixed: Removing the current directory from directory hotlist Ctrl+D could mix up the items below it (32/64)
26.04.21 Added: All placeholders in button bar or start menu like %N, %P now support substring fields in the form :~start,end, e.g. %N:~2,5 (5 characters from the second) or %N:~-8,5 (5 from the 8-last) (32/64)
26.04.21 Added: New placeholder %B+ for part of path (including branch view paths), start counting from the beginning: %B+ drive with ":", %B+0 drive without ":", %B+1 first subdirectory, %B+2 second subdirectory etc. (32/64)
25.04.21 Added: Configure option to save displayed file types (e.g. *.txt) separately for each tab: Configuration - Options - Folder Tabs - Save displayed file types separately for each tab (32/64)
25.04.21 Added: Option to save displayed file types (e.g. *.txt) separately for each tab, or same for all tabs: wincmd.ini [Configure] DirTabFilters=1/0 (32/64)
23.04.21 Added: Save displayed file types (e.g. *.txt) separately for each tab (32/64)
23.04.21 Fixed: Lister: Press '5' while the new media player was shown -> conversion to html was done twice even when not aborted (32/64)


Beta 9 (da ist er wieder, der Wochenrhythmus!)

06.05.21 Release Total Commander 10.00 public beta 9
06.05.01 Added: 256x256 pixel icon for very high resolution screen, e.g. 4k with 250% scale (64)
06.05.01 Fixed: Couldn't unpack 7zip archives with both names and content encrypted (64)
06.05.01 Fixed: When storing icon size in Iconsize32 for main screen, also save dpi at which it was saved in Iconsize32_dpi, otherwise changing dpi on Windows 10 causes unwanted scaling (32/64)
06.05.01 Fixed: Files - Change attributes - Change plugin attributes: Plugin fields of different type could only be handled for type string fields, or when followed by other data (32/64)
06.05.01 Fixed: Standalone search dialog could be scaled incorrectly on Windows 10 if OverrideDpi was set while using a main screen with different dpi (32/64)
06.05.01 Fixed: The following commands didn't support double quotes in the path directly in the command field: OPENTABS, OPENTABSL, OPENTABSR, APPENDTABS, APPENDTABSL, APPENDTABSR, SAVETABS, SAVETABSL, SAVETABSR, SAVETABS2, SAVETABS2L, SAVETABS2R, SELECTFILES, SAVESELECTION (32/64)
06.05.01 Fixed: After changing the configuration of a custom view mode, the icons and text in menu Show - Custom view modes could overlap (32/64)
05.05.01 Fixed: Lister: Store the DPI at which the font size was saved, so it can be scaled when the scaling factor of the main screen changes (32/64)
05.05.01 Fixed: Various resizeable dialog boxes were too small on high DPI screens, e.g. the file system plugins dialog, tree dialog, ftp connections etc. (32/64)
04.05.01 Added: Directory menu (Ctrl+D): Option to hide menu items which begin with a user-defined character, by default a question mark '?' (32/64)
03.05.01 Fixed: Dialog box elements in group boxes were shown too high on high DPI screens with font scaling enabled (64)
03.05.01 Fixed: Prevent screen saver and sleep mode while playing video didn't work on Windows 7 and older. Need to handle WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_SCREENSAVE message (32/64)
02.05.01 Fixed: Find files: Increased maximum length of size edit field to 19 characters, the maximum supported by 64-bit signed numbers (32/64)
02.05.01 Fixed: Compare by content: Ctrl+A sometimes didn't select the last line when the file didn't end with a line break, and the other file was shorter (32/64)
02.05.01 Fixed: Some parameters were not appended when empty, like %E (file extension). Instead, the command was truncated at that position (32/64)
01.05.01 Fixed: Silent access violation (in event viewer) when closing standalone search dialog, because OleUnInitialize was called while there were still some OLE objects (64)


Beta 10

13.05.21 Release Total Commander 10.00 public beta 10
13.05.01 Fixed: After a forced view mode change at program start (e.g. saved custom columns view switched to full mode), the tabstop headers may show the wrong sort order (32/64)
13.05.01 Added: 256x256 pixel icon for very high resolution screen, e.g. 4k with 250% scale (32)
13.05.01 Fixed: Search in separate process (Alt+Shift+F7) while search result is shown: Do not pass list of found files to separate search unless some files are selected, to get the same behaviour as internal search. Press Ctrl+A before external search to get the old behaviour (32/64)
13.05.01 Fixed: If no custom button bar location is set, redirect default.bar/vertical.bar from "Program Files" to wincmd.ini directory even when running elevated as administrator, and the ini file in "Program Files" is unchanged. Ensures that we see the same button bar as when running as normal user (32/64)
12.05.01 Added: Ctrl+D change directory menu: Choose the character to hide menu entries via a small edit box directly in that dialog (32/64)
12.05.01 Added: View modes, Auto-run commands: Put '-' at the start of the command field to not execute commands on tab change, only on directory change (32/64)
11.05.01 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Some hotkeys like Ctrl+A no longer worked when the Ctrl key was released a short moment before the character key (32/64)
11.05.01 Fixed: Resize Find Files dialog before showing it also in 32-bit, so it doesn't flicker on load (32)
09.05.01 Fixed: Screen saver wasn't prevented on Windows XP when viewing a full screen video, or within Total Commander with Ctrl+Q (32/64)
07.05.01 Fixed: Custom columns with fields not applicable to a file would sometimes show random text (new in beta 9 caused by another bugfix) (32/64)
07.05.01 Fixed: Directory menu (Ctrl+D): A space could not be used for "Hide menu items starting with this character" (32/64)
07.05.01 Fixed: Directory menu (Ctrl+D): There was no default character when clicking on "Hide menu items starting with this character" (32/64)
07.05.01 Fixed: Directory menu (Ctrl+D): The new option to hide menu items which begin with a user-defined character also removed all separators instead of just the duplicates (32/64)


Bekanntes Mitglied
2021-06-24 Release v 3.23 final
2021-06-23 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Search and replace alternatives like a|b|c didn't work if the "Replace with" field had too few entries (which should just remove the strings)
2021-06-23 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: The ^ checkbox (case sensitive) had no effect on option RegEx, regular expressions were always matched in a case sensitive way
2021-06-23 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Increased maximum field length for search+replace to 2k for extra long regular expressions, or many alternatives like a|b|c
2021-06-22 Added: Show second warning when user tries to delete 100 or more files of type video, audio, images, text, or zip archives in the file system
2021-06-22 Fixed: Deleting subfolders from virtual folder like ///_Android_data could show progress over 100% (because the folders were not counted)
2021-06-22 Fixed: Media player would start with second track when opening playlist file (m3u/m3u8) after closing player via notification
2021-06-22 Fixed: ZIP packer: Could not abort the preparation to pack (going through all selected folders), it could only be aborted when the actual packing started
2021-06-21 Added: html help: Switch between all available help languages via links at the top
2021-06-21 Fixed: Media Player: Could not completely clear playlist via context menu, it would be back after closing and re-opening the player
2021-06-21 Fixed: Show private Total Commander folder also in /storage/emulated/<nr>/Android/data or obb when <nr> is not 0
2021-06-21 Fixed: Search function: Remove leading and trailing spaces from search name (to find them, put the string in double quotes!)
2021-06-21 Fixed: Use MediaMetadataRetriever->getFrameAtTime to get video thumbnail at 10 seconds if the video is long enough, to avoid getting black frame from fade in
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