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AW: Total Commander auf V 7.03

Oh, da warst Du aber schneller, wollte ich auch gerade schreiben. :)


AW: Total Commander auf V 7.04

Die aktuelle Version hat einen unschönen Bug, der zum unbeabsichtigten Löschen von Dateien führen kann. Daher besser auf 7.03 zurück bzw. auf 7.04a warten.

Quelle / Details: Total Commander-Forum


✠ T(r)oll ✠
AW: Total Commander auf V 7.04

7.04a ist da!
Total Commander 7.04a ist ab sofort verfügbar. Diese Version korrigiert in erster Linie einen Fehler in der Löschfunktion: Diese konnte die Datei unter dem Cursor statt der markierten Dateien löschen, wenn sich das aktuelle Verzeichnis im Hintergrund änderte, während der Löschen-Dialog angezeigt wurde (Nur bei Benutzung der Funktion "Automatisches Neu-Einlesen wenn sich das Dateisystem ändert"). Ausserdem behebt sie Probleme mit dem Entpacken von mehrteiligen RAR-Archiven, nicht funktionierende AES-Verschlüsselung unter Windows NT4, sowie einer Zugriffsverletzung beim minimierten Start in den Systembereich (Tray). Bitte wechseln Sie umgehend zur neuen Version!


gone for good
AW: Total Commander auf V 7.04

Total Commander 7.50 public beta 1 is available now!

What's new?

* Full Unicode support in most functions where it is possible, including FTP, ZIP packer, and plugin interfaces
* Support for file names longer than 259 characters (up to 1022) in most file operations
* Compare by content allows to compare text files of different type, e.g. Ansi and UTF-8
* The current directory above the file lists can act as a clickable bar ("breadcrumb bar")
* Option to show *.bar file in button bar as a popup menu instead of switching bars
* Show icons and subfolders in ftp connection dialog
* Protect the stored ftp passwords with a master password using AES256 encryption
* FTP, PORT mode: Allow to specify external IP address of the Internet router
* Start Lister, compare by content or synchronize dirs directly via command line parameters
* Comments (Ctrl+Z) can now have a max. length of 4095 characters, and support line breaks
* Synchronize dirs: Option to synchronize also empty directories, option to copy just specific file properties (like the time)
* Create CRC checksums now also supports the SHA1 hash format
* Allow to use the Windows key for user-defined hotkeys
* On 64-bit Windows, allow to use 64-bit shell extensions in local menu (context menu)
* New internal command cm_SwitchX64Redirection to turn redirection of system32 dir under 64-bit Windows on/off
* Internal unpacking of multi-part RAR archives, and RAR archives where the file names are encrypted
* Copy files/directories to multiple target directories (or lnk files pointing to directories) in one operation
* Quick search with search dialog: Show button which allows to show only files/dirs matching the filter
* Switch character encodings in Lister
* New internal association system, e.g. for using Total Commander from an USB stick
* See history.txt for all additions and fixes

Full Changelog: http://www.ghisler.com/history750.txt

DL: http://www.ghisler.com/750beta.htm


gone for good
AW: Total Commander auf V 7.04 - auf TC 7.50 public beta 1

Total Commander 7.50 public beta 2 is available now!

Was ist neu?

* ThreadFindFirst=1 ist jetzt standardmässig aktiv: Verzeichnis im Hintergrund einlesen, der Benutzer kann es abbrechen
* Zustand der Strg+S-Option beim Beenden speichern
* Laufwerksbuchstaben in Grossschreibung: DrivesShowUpcase=1
* Lister: Letzte benutzerdefinierte Codierung merken
* Siehe diese Meldung für eine Liste der wichtigsten neuen Funktionen seit dem Start des Betatests



C'mon 'N Ride It!
AW: Total Commander auf V 7.04 - auf TC 7.50 public beta 1

Total Commander 7.50 public beta 3 is available now!

Was ist neu?

* Total Commander benutzt neu immer Unicode-Steuerelemente auf NT-basierten Systemen (das .UnicodeClass-Suffix ist nicht mehr nötig)
* FTP-Verbindungsdialog: Ordner lassen sich via Knopf "Bearbeiten" nun umbenennen und verschieben
* Breite der Verzeichnisliste der Brotkrumenleiste begrenzbar
* Brotkrumenleiste: Oeffnen von Verzeichnissen oder virtuellen Ordnern kann abgebrochen werden, wenn es zu lange dauert
* Vista 64bit: Pseudo-Unterverzeichnis "sysnative" im Windows-Ordner anzeigen, um das 64-bitige system32-Verzeichnis zu öffnen



AW: Total Commander 7.50 public beta 6

Immer dieses Verlinken...

16.07.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 7
15.07.09 Added: Russian language now included by default (new version, original still available via www.ghisler.com)

14.07.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 7 (pre2)
14.07.09 Fixed: All background transfer manager windows appeared above each other, not side by side as in TC 7
14.07.09 Fixed: Button bar, parameters %P%S, cursor on [..] with nothing selected -> path was not surrounded by "" if it contained spaces
14.07.09 Fixed: Regular expressions: In Unicode (e.g. file names) \xnn will be converted from current code page to Unicode, while \x{nnnn} will be Unicode directly
14.07.09 Fixed: FTP: Progress and Cancel not working properly when deleting many files over a fast connection or locally
14.07.09 Fixed: Various memory leaks in new functions (found via a leak detection tool)
12.07.09 Fixed: When copying relatively small files in subdirs, clicking on "Cancel" aborted immediately without giving the user a chance to continue
12.07.09 Fixed: Turn off reaction to ANY kind of hotkey while minimized, except for the standard keys (Enter, Alt+Space, Alt+F4)
12.07.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Increased number of characters in wildcards combo box from 259 to 1023
10.07.09 Fixed: Access violation when pressing Delete on minimized but focused Total Commander
10.07.09 Fixed: Delete files on Vista to recycle bin no longer supported UAC (delete as admin) because the new Vista delete function returned no error
09.07.09 Fixed: Installer: Strange characters could appear at end of string "All users" on link creation dialog
09.07.09 Added: Installer: Use GetUserDefaultUILanguage if available to get true language of dialogs etc.
08.07.09 Added: Lister started via  /S=L switch: P as last parameter allows to choose Lister plugin, e.g. /S=L:Piclview forces plugin iclview
08.07.09 Fixed: Removed error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window." when starting TC with StartupScreen=0 and tool "TrueTransparency" active
08.07.09 Added: Lister started via  /S=L switch: Pass parameters to Lister, e.g.  /S=L:AT1C1251 (see help - command line parameters for details)
08.07.09 Added: Button bar: Ctrl+Left now stops to the right of the next separator, not to the left of it
08.07.09 Fixed: Installer: Language selection list now uses the correct code page for each language, taken from install.lng

07.07.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 7 (pre1)
07.07.09 Added: Romanian language now included by default
07.07.09 Fixed: In main menu, press ENTER on menu item for command cm_FocusButtonBar -> button bar was focused and first button was pressed by mistake
07.07.09 Fixed: Slight overlap of controls in search dialog
07.07.09 Added: New button bar hotkeys: Ctrl+Right/Left jumps to button after next/previous separator, or to the end/beginning. Alt+Enter opens button change dialog
07.07.09 Added: Thumbnails view: Support for Unicode text starting with byte order marker FF FE
07.07.09 Fixed: Rename/Move function: Get file attributes from file listing because GetFileAttributesW seems to report invalid data on some Samba drives
05.07.09 Fixed: New standard copy method (CopyFileEx): handle ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION error which occurs if the source or target is locked in the middle (e.g. open PST files)
05.07.09 Fixed: When executing a verb in a file system plugin, first check whether there is a local name (FsPluginGetLocalName), and if not, download the file and execute it locally with the custom verb
03.07.09 Fixed: Compare by content editor: Compare two large files > 1 MB, edit one, save, compare again, edit -> save failed. Solution: use two backup files, .bak and .bk2. The .bak holds the content of the initial original, while the .bk2 holds the content of the last save (mapped into memory)
03.07.09 Fixed: Standalone Synchronize dirs via /S=S switch didn't work with file system plugins which use logging
03.07.09 Fixed: Lister plugins: Avoid infinite loops with callback ListNotificationReceived, e.g. when WM_NOTIFY is received again while TC calls this function already
02.07.09 Added: Installer: Set default language on first installation to the system's current user language (if included)
30.06.09 Added: Installer: Support translation
30.06.09 Fixed: Could not unpack some AES-encrypted zip files where the local header didn't contain the packed file size
30.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: When comparing with option "Empty dirs", disable the option "Right: Delete all empty directories" in the sync copy dialog because the two options interfere
30.06.09 Fixed: FTP, upload in background fails in the following case: Upload to uppercase directory, option "convert name to lowercase" active, user adds a file to the upload (reason: entire path converted to lowercase!)
30.06.09 Fixed: Lister, Hex search with OEM(DOS) font: Convert to OEM charset before converting hex to chars, otherwise the wrong text is found
30.06.09 Fixed: Unpacking subdirs from a subdir in a RAR archive no longer worked when using external RAR unpacker (note that this function doesn't support Unicode)
30.06.09 Fixed: Load selection from file in branch view didn't work correctly with subdirs only one character long, e.g. e\somefile
30.06.09 Fixed: Button bar: Couldn't edit linked button bar via right click menu if the name was surrounded by double quotes, e.g. "c:\some dir\test.bar"
28.06.09 Added: Installer, Windows NT-based systems: Let the user choose where to create start menu and desktop links (for all users, current user, or custom user)
28.06.09 Added: The installer no longer uses DDE to create start menu shortcuts

25.06.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 6
25.06.09  Fixed: Lister started via /S=L switch: The exception dialog didn't show the stack trace
25.06.09  Fixed: External quick search with tcmatch.dll: Options from MatchGetSetOptions were only applied to second call of MatchFileW
24.06.09  Fixed: Installer: When installing to c:\somedir, also TC copies started from c:\somedir2 were closed
24.06.09  Fixed: Cursor on  file in left panel, while right panel shows a CAB file which does NOT contain that file, choose "Compare by content" -> entire CAB was unpacked to TEMP
24.06.09  Fixed: Prevent strange characters from appearing in command line also when user presses just Alt+ one of these: Arrow keys, PageUp/Down, Home, End
24.06.09  Fixed: Keyboard hotkeys in dialog boxes not always working with internal English texts (no language file)

23.06.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 6 (pre1)
23.06.09  Fixed: Button bar configuration dialog: Don't offer option "show as menu" for OPENBAR command
23.06.09  Fixed: Synchronize dirs with option "empty subdirs": Button "Synchronize" disabled after clicking on directional buttons when only subdirs (no files) are marked for selection
23.06.09  Added: Main configuration dialog: "Download" button on "Language" page. This button remains intentionally untranslated
23.06.09  Added: Find files: Allow to view a file with F3 also in archives if the search function doesn't currently search in an archive
23.06.09  Added: Find files: Enable "Feed in listbox" button also when no files in archives were found although that option was enabled
23.06.09  Fixed: Lister, cursor turned off: Search started 1 character after the first in the displayed area instead of starting with the first character
22.06.09  Fixed: FTP connect dialog, ftp log window, check CRC checksums: Moved text 2 pixels to the right
22.06.09  Fixed: Directory sizes lost when sorting dirs by size and switching away from TC and back
22.06.09  Fixed: Couldn't minimize standalone sync started via /S=S parameter
21.06.09  Fixed: While minimized to tray, Alt+Tab window didn't support Unicode yet
21.06.09  Fixed: Installer only closed the first instance when multiple copies of Total Commander were running
21.06.09  Fixed: Don't show breadcrumb dropdown list while editing the path
21.06.09  Fixed: Key accelerators (underlined characters) didn't work in dialog boxes with non-English characters
19.06.09  Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] VistaDelete=1 enables special delete method to recycle bin on Vista and Windows 7: Directories are moved as a whole to the recycle bin. No warning for read only or hidden/system files!
19.06.09  Fixed: FTP via Proxy method "HTTP CONNECT" didn't send "Host:" header in its request
19.06.09  Fixed: Could not delete directory to which a drive was redirected with SUBST, and later deleted while TC was running
19.06.09  Added: Added separate ANSI and Unicode versions of cm_SaveSelectionToFile and cm_SaveDetailsToFile to create ANSI file lists on NT-based systems and Unicode file lists on 9x-based systems (normally it's the other way round)
18.06.09  Added: Use new Vista delete method via IFileOperation also when deleting single files, replacing SHFileOperation
17.06.09  Added: New delete method for Windows Vista to delete to recycle bin using the new IFileOperation object, much faster than SHFileOperation
17.06.09  Fixed: Prevent strange characters from appearing in command line when user presses Alt+Shift+ or Alt+Ctrl+ one of these: Arrow keys, PageUp/Down, Home, End
16.06.09  Fixed: Drag&Drop from ZIP between two copies of TC: Subdirs couldn't be unpacked this way. Now non-empty subdirs can be unpacked
16.06.09  Added: Set location and name of tcmatch.dll via wincmd.ini [Configuration] tcmatch=  (must contain full path+file name, supports env. vars)
16.06.09  Fixed: Quick search/filter dialog: Don't try to interpret Altgr+Letters as letters only in Alt+Letters mode
16.06.09  Added: Quick search/filter dialog: Handle left/right arrow buttons internally, except in brief view where they are needed to go through columns
16.06.09  Fixed: Browse dir dialog (>> button in Synchronize dirs) didn't set initial dir on NT-based systems
16.06.09  Fixed: Copying single file to multiple target dirs, or one or more files to one selected dir/link didn't work
15.06.09  Added: Manifest: Add new Windows 7-specific section <supportedOS Id="{35138b9a-5d96-4fbd-8e2d-a2440225f93a}"/>
15.06.09  Fixed: Uninstall: DEFAULT.BR2 and NO.BR2 were not removed (if TC created them)
14.06.09  Fixed: Ctrl+V was no longer updating the file panels after the file was copied
14.06.09  Added: wincmd.ini [ButtonBar] BarLimitLines=<nr> limits the number of button rows in the button bar to <nr> lines (0=unlimited). The hidden rows can still be accessed via Alt+Shift+F11 and the cursor keys
14.06.09  Fixed: Long names with multiple dots not handled correctly by ToolTip function
14.06.09  Fixed: Don't show option "As Administrator" when trying to enter a directory longer than 1018 characters (the maximum supported)
14.06.09  Fixed: UpdateEnv=0 option wasn't correctly ported from TC 7, so the option was ignored
12.06.09  Fixed: When using any translation, the dialogs to configure Lister plugins and Content plugins showed "Installed File system plugins:" in the text above the list
12.06.09  Fixed: Configuration - button bar no longer showed name of bar

So sieht der geneigte Leser gleich dass es sich wie üblich weiter auszahlt das Ding registriert zu haben :)


I am McLovin!


I am McLovin!
AW: Total Commander 7.50 public beta 6

Was ist denn bitte der Unterschied zwischen "beta" und "RC"? ... Also langsam wirds lächerlich :icon_knock:
Ich lobe den TC ja wirklich über den grünen Klee, aber das? Ich glaube, Chris will einfach mal die ganzen Wörter ausprobieren ... "beta" "RC" "gold" "alpha" ... ganz wie die grossen :p


I am McLovin!
AW: Total Commander 7.50 public beta 6

Also echt mal Silva,

du enttäuschst mich jetzt aber.

Da ist schon ein gravierender Unterschied zwischen Beta und RC!

Lies einfach mal hier http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entwicklungsstadium_(Software)


Ich halte es halt bei einem 2MB Progrämmchen ein bisschen für übertrieben. "Fertig" ist so eine Software ja eh nie und 8 betas (und was weiss ich wieviel RCs da jetzt kommen werden) ... naja, jedem das seine. Ich find TC eh supergeil und habe ihn auch gekauft, hat ja nichts mit dem Programm als solchen zu tun.


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AW: Total Commander 7.50 public beta 6


Ich halte es halt bei einem 2MB Progrämmchen ein bisschen für übertrieben. "Fertig" ist so eine Software ja eh nie und 8 betas (und was weiss ich wieviel RCs da jetzt kommen werden) ... naja, jedem das seine. Ich find TC eh supergeil und habe ihn auch gekauft, hat ja nichts mit dem Programm als solchen zu tun.

Ich halte es für nicht schlecht bei nen Tool wie einem Dateimanager gründlich sein zu wollen :p


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AW: Total Commander 7.50 Release-Kandidat 2

Freuen wir uns über die finale Version 7.50 :)

Besonders gefällt mir die Upgrade-Installation :D

9. September 2009: Total Commander 7.5 ist ab sofort verfügbar! Es gibt viele neue Funktionen, die wichtigsten davon sind:

* Volle Unicode-Unterstützung in den meisten Funktionen, wo das möglich ist, inkl. FTP, ZIP und Plugins
* Hilfedatei neu im HTML-Hilfeformat (CHM). Die alte HLP-Hilfe ist weiterhin auf www.ghisler.com verfügbar
* Unterstützung für Dateinamen länger als 259 Zeichen (bis zu 1022) in den meisten Dateioperationen
* Das aktuelle Verzeichnis über den Dateilisten kann als anklickbare Leiste funktionieren ("breadcrumb bar")
* Schützen der gespeicherten FTP-Passwörter mit einem Hauptpasswort (AES256-Verschlüsselung)
* Starten des Listers, Vergleich nach Inhalt oder Verzeichnisse synchronisieren direkt über Kommandozeilenparameter
* Kommentare (Strg+Z) können neu bis zu 4095 Zeichen lang sein, und Zeilenumbrüche enthalten
* Verzeichnisse synchronisieren: Option zum Synchronisieren leerer Verzeichnisse, Option zum Kopieren von Dateieigenschaften
* Die Windows-Taste kann nun für benutzerdefinierte Tastenkombinationen benutzt werden
* Unter 64-bit Windows können neue 64-bit-Explorererweiterungen im Rechtsklickmenü benutzt werden
* Kopieren von Dateien/Verzeichnissen in mehrere Zielverzeichnisse (oder lnk-Dateien, die auf Verzeichnisse zeigen) in 1 Operation
* Schnellsuche mit Suchen-Dialog: Anzeige eines Knopfes, mit dem alle nicht passenden Dateien ausgeblendet werden können
* Schriftcodierung im Lister wechseln, volle Unterstützung für rechts-nach-links-Text
* Interne Verknüpfungen, z.B. für die Benutzung von Total Commander auf einem USB-Stick


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AW: Total Commander 7.50 Release-Kandidat 2

24. September 2009: Total Commander 7.50a ist ab sofort verfügbar. Diese Version korrigiert Fehler, die erst nach dem Release von Total Commander 7.50 gefunden wurden, insbesondere beim Drucken von Unicode-Text im Lister, dem Entpacken spezieller verschlüsselter ZIP-Dateien, und langsamem Verschieben von grossen Ordnern auf demselben Laufwerk. Wir empfehlen Ihnen ein baldmöglichstes Update.

Total Commander - Download (deutsch)


gone for good
AW: Total Commander 7.50 Release-Kandidat 2

Total Commander 7.55 Public Beta 1

* Use MLSD command for file listings in FTP function (better time resolution, time in UTC)
* Transfer files between two computers over a special USB cable
* Improvements to synchronize dirs function: Compare via plugins and FTP, options to skip hidden files and hard links, SITE UTIME in ftp sync
* Compare by content now shows different and changed lines with a slightly different background color (configurable via wincmd.ini)
* Unpack directory time stamps from archives
* Lister: Increased maximum line length to 1024 characters (Unicode: 512)
* Verify CRC checksums: Also support CRC files in UTF16 Unicode format
* Show Terminal Server and Win7 XP mode drives in drive dropdown list and drive buttonbar
* Ctrl+Shift+B and cm_DirBranchSel shows branch view of only the selected dirs+files
* F5 copy dialog: "Options" dialog extension can be pinned now to remain open
* Show progress dialog box when reading a directory takes longer than 5 seconds
* Create CRC checksums: support subdirectories (recursively), background button
* Handle dir space calculation in background (when user presses SPACE or Alt+Shift+Enter)
* File system plugins: Support background downloads and uploads (requires changes to plugin)
* Various new background operations: Unpack: RAR, TAR, packer plugins (needs modification), Pack: TAR, packer plugins


Gibt es hier:


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AW: Total Commander 7.50 Release-Kandidat 2

07.04.10 Release Total Commander 7.55 public beta 2
06.04.10 Added: Paste text into quick search dialog (and Ctrl+S dialog) with Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert, as if the user was typing the characters (only works as long as the characters match)
06.04.10 Fixed: Colors by file type: Also refresh list of user-defined searches when user closes dialog with "X" button (but do not focus it)
06.04.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, delete (asymmetric mode): Do not start copy operations if user aborts delete operation
06.04.10 Fixed: Size calculation with Alt+Shift+Enter: Total size (in footer) was updated in the active panel instead of the calculated panel
06.04.10 Fixed: Do not limit search to only the directory itself when searching in previous search results
06.04.10 Fixed: Custom columns view: In search results view (after 'feed to listbox'), TC did not pass the DOS 8.3 names to non-Unicode plugins even if the files had Unicode names
06.04.10 Fixed: Unpack multiple encrypted zip/rar archives with internal unpacker (Alt+F9): Only ask once for the password (if all use the same)
06.04.10 Fixed: FTP: Send commands defined in "Send commands" field also in background, can be turned off via SpecialFlags=256 (in wcx_ftp.ini, either section [General] or per connection)
06.04.10 Fixed: Switch from custom columns view in normal file system to other custom columns view in fs plugin worked only every second time
06.04.10 Fixed: Thumbnail view: No custom fields shown below file name when switching from custom columns view to thumb view
06.04.10 Fixed: Thumbnail view with a mix of normal and delay-loaded fields on one line -> values of normal fields could be lost once the delay-loaded fields were loaded
06.04.10 Fixed: Crash when closing TC while search window in Lister was open
06.04.10 Fixed: No icon shown for some malformed file types, e.g. no "open" verb defined, and default value of "shell" key not set
31.03.10 Fixed: FTP: Turn off MLSD and switch to LIST when server returns error "500 Command not understood" or "425 No data connection."
31.03.10 Fixed: Find files not older than 1 month on 31. March not working (because 31. February doesn't exist...)
31.03.10 Fixed: TcUsbRun.exe: Auto-elevate itself when user runs it with normal rights on Vista or Windows 7
30.03.10 Fixed: Compare by content: Subdirs in TEMP dir not deleted when comparing file in archive 2 or more levels deep
30.03.10 Fixed: Files - change attributes: File colors were reset to black instead of the user-defined foreground color after changing plugin fields
30.03.10 Fixed: When loading the openssl dlls, set current directory to TC dir to avoid that the dll is loaded from the program's current dir
30.03.10 Added: CRC check: Support CRC checksums directly in the file names, in the form filename[1234ABCD].ext
30.03.10 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MultiRenameLoadSettings=SavedName load specified settings when opening multi-rename tool (set to some non-existent name to open with default settings)
30.03.10 Fixed: Re-pack file to archive after editing with F4 -> archive listing not updated if option "Set ZIP date to newest file date" was set, AND the archive contained a file with a time stamp in the future (so that file's time stamp was used instead of the one of the changed file)
29.03.10 Fixed: Moved handling of separate trees to its own background thread (was handled by icon/overlay/thumbnail thread before)
29.03.10 Added: Disallow port connection (USB and LPT) by adding 512 to RestrictInterface value (wincmd.ini and/or registry)
28.03.10 Fixed: F5 copy while other panel shows tree suggested wrong target directory
28.03.10 Fixed: Lister changed keyboard layout when displaying some RTF files (caused by Windows RTF control)
28.03.10 Fixed: F7 create directory in packer plugins: Call them exactly as when adding an empty directory with F5 (added missing backslashes)
28.03.10 Fixed: Show error if user presses Ctrl+PageDown on "<Encrypted -> F5>" item in RAR with encrypted names
28.03.10 Fixed: CRC check dialog too small if system font size >96 dpi (however, it was correct with OverrideDPI)
28.03.10 Fixed: Delete empty dirs sometimes failed if a subdir was opened in the opposite panel and "watch directory changes" was enabled
28.03.10 Fixed: Detect infinite loops in environment variables, e.g. set xx=%xx% , then use cd %xx% in command line
28.03.10 Fixed: cm_CopyNamesToClip on ftp stores names with trailing slash -> restore with cm_LoadSelectionFromClip (in button bar) failed!28.03.10 Fixed: CRC check window not centered over main window if TC shown on secondary screen


AW: Total Commander 7.55 public beta 2

Die MLSD Unterstützung ist einfach genial. Endlich richtig per FTP synchronisieren!


gone for good
AW: Total Commander 7.55 public beta 2

Total Commander 7.55 Public Beta 3

22.04.10 Release Total Commander 7.55 public beta 3
21.04.10 Fixed: Try to catch access violation when restarting Windows while CRC check dialog is open (unreproduced)

20.04.10 Release Total Commander 7.55 public beta 3 (pre)
20.04.10 Fixed: tcmdx64: When calling QueryContextMenu to get menu from shell extensions, set flag CMF_EXPLORE, not CMF_NORMAL (the Explorer seems to do that too)
20.04.10 Fixed: Installer couldn't install new version if TC standalone tool (sync, compare, Lister) was running
20.04.10 Fixed: Standalone sync tool (started via /S=S parameter): TEMP files not deleted when viewing files from archive and closing sync tool instead of closing Lister first
18.04.10 Fixed: OPENTABS or APPENDTABS command: Parameter %P%N not working if the path or file name contained spaces
18.04.10 Added: Verify CRC checksums: Allow to resume CRC check when user clicks on Abort - if not resumed, keep window open with results obtained so far
18.04.10 Added: Verify CRC checksums: Show background button which brings TC's main window to the front (if not minimized), otherwise it minimizes the CRC check window
18.04.10 Fixed: Verify CRC checksums not working if user selects multiple CRC/MD5/SHA1 files, starts the check, and then switches to a different directory in TC itself before the last file is opened
18.04.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, asymmetric mode, directory on one side, zip on other, compare two dirs with same name but different case -> dirs themselves shown twice (but not their content)
16.04.10 Fixed: Port connection: Very long names (near 259 characters) not working properly when consisting of non-English characters (e.g. Chinese, Russian)
16.04.10 Fixed: Quick search with Ctrl+Alt: If user pressed e.g. AltGr+e, both 'e' and 'Euro' were added to quick search. Now try to prefer 'Euro' if there is a match, otherwise 'e'. Cursor position can still be wrong in Ctrl+S mode
16.04.10 Fixed: Drag file over breadcrumb bar until subdir list opens, move cursor to empty space in the same bar -> cursor remained in "drop" form by mistake
16.04.10 Fixed: Do not send command HELP SITE to ftp servers with IBM MVS = z/OS system, the connection is lost due to a bug in the server
16.04.10 Fixed: CRC check of checksums in file name not working in branch view for files in subdirs
14.04.10 Fixed: Port connection: Always offer USB on Windows XP or newer, but show error about missing driver if no cable was installed
13.04.10 Added: Uninstaller: Delete files from start menu manually instead of using DDE
13.04.10 Fixed: Uninstaller didn't remove desktop icon if it was created for all users
13.04.10 Fixed: Restore selection from file or clipboard (e.g. cm_LoadSelectionFromClip) not working in tree view (names need to be copied with full path)
13.04.10 Fixed: F5 copy to tree in other panel: Try to resolve virtual folders to real directories (e.g. drive root)
13.04.10 Fixed: Could not open totalcmd main program when "only one instance" was set, and a standalone tool (Lister, Sync, Compare) was already running
11.04.10 Fixed: FTP: Crash when starting transfer in background, only after connection via "FTP New Connection" (Ctrl+N)
11.04.10 Fixed: Custom columns view: In search results view (after 'feed to listbox'), TC did not pass the DOS 8.3 names to non-Unicode plugins even if the files had Unicode names where Windows converted the accented chars to unaccented instead of ?
11.04.10 Fixed: Explorer would open if "Use Irfanview" was checked in Lister configuration, but no program name was given
11.04.10 Fixed: Unpack single encrypted RAR archive with Alt+F9 - user was asked twice for the password (archives with encrypted names not unpacked at all)
11.04.10 Fixed: Show nag dialog (1-2-3) on the same screen as the main window
11.04.10 Fixed: Lister: Search, encodings and settings dialogs were not centered over Lister window if Lister shown on secondary screen
11.04.10 Fixed: cm_LoadSelectionFromClip didn't restore selection in root of an archive (e.g. when stored via cm_CopyNamesToClip)
11.04.10 Fixed: Find files dialog, search by date/time ("Advanced" tab): Text box too short in "From" and "To" fields to edit time added via >> button

Full Changelog:



gone for good
AW: Commander 7.55 RC 1

Total Commander 7.55 Final

Was ist neu in TC 7.55?

* MLSD-Befehl bei FTP-Verbindungen für Dateilistings verwenden (genauere Zeitauflösung, Zeit in UTC)
* Dateien zwischen 2 Computern per USB-Kabelverbindung übertragen
* Verbesserungen zur Funktion Verzeichnisse Synchronisieren: Vergleichen mit Plugins und via FTP, Optionen zum Überspringen von versteckten Dateien und Hard-Links, SITE UTIME in ftp sync
* Vergleich nach Inhalt zeigt unterschiedliche Zeilen und solche mit Änderungen mit einer leicht unterschiedlichen Hintergrundfarbe (konfigurierbar via wincmd.ini)
* FTP-Verbindungsdetails-Dialog auf 2 Tabs aufgeteilt
* "cd" Befehl in Buttonbar und Startmenü akzeptiert jetzt den Parameter /user: (Benutzername für Netzwerkverbindung)
* Archive auch in virtuellen Ordnern wie dem Desktop öffnen
* Neue interne Befehle mit Parametern: SELECTFILES, OPENTABSL und OPENTABSR, z.B. für Buttonbar
* Benutzerdefinierter Browsertyp (user agent) für HTTP-Verbindungen
* Entpacken des Verzeichnisdatums aus Archiven
* Lister: Erhöhung der maximalen Zeilenlänge auf 1024 Zeichen (Unicode: 512)
* Verifiziere CRC-Quersummen: Unterstützt nun auch CRC-Dateien im UTF16-Unicode-Format
* Anzeigen von Terminal-Server
* und Win7 XP-Modus-Laufwerken in Laufwerksliste und Laufwerksbuttonbar
* Strg+Umsch+B und cm_DirBranchSel zeigen Zweigansicht mit nur den markierten Verzeichnissen und Dateien
* Farben nach Dateityp: Lade Plugindaten im Hintergrund bei langsamen Plugins
* F5 Kopieren-Dialog: "Optionen"-Dialogerweiterung kann nun festgepinnt werden, um offen zu bleiben
* RAR mit verschlüsselten Dateinamen: Anzeigen von Pseudo-Datei <Verschlüsselt -> F5> , lässt Benutzer die Datei mit F5 entpacken
* Kommandozeile: Befehl "cd Dateiname" stellt Cursor direkt auf Datei mit Namen "Dateiname"
* Suchen in Suchresultat nach Klick auf "Anwenden": Unterstützte Option "Unterverzeichnisse durchsuchen", z.B. nur 3 Ebenen tief
* Zeige eine Dialogbox, wenn das Einlesen eines Verzeichnisses länger als 5 Sekunden dauert
* CRC-Quersummern erzeugen: Unterstützung von Unterverzeichnissen (rekursiv), Berechnen im Hintergrund
* Mehrfach-Umbenenntool: Felder können vorangestellte Leerzeichen oder Nullen erhalten
* Verknüpfungen (LNK-Dateien) auch in geschützten Systemverzeichnissen anlegen
* Berechnen des belegten Speicherplatzes im Hintergrund (beim Drücken der Leertaste oder von Alt+Umsch+Enter)
* Interner RAR-Enpacker via unrar.dll: Unterstützung von Zieldateinamen länger als 259 Zeichen
* Dateisystem-Plugins: Unterstützung von Hintergrund-Transfers (bedingt Änderungen am jeweiligen Plugin)
* Diverse neue Hintergrund-Operationen: Entpacken: RAR, TAR, Packer-Plugins (Änderungen nötig), Packen: TAR, Packer-Plugins
* Und viele weitere Verbesserungen!

Full Changelog: http://www.ghisler.com/history755.txt

Download Shareware Version: http://www.ghisler.com/download.htm


gone for good
AW: Commander 7.55 RC 1

Total Commander 7.55a Final

07.07.10 Release Total Commander 7.55a final
07.07.10 Fixed: Ctrl+V (Paste) not working with option x64DisableRedirection=1 (Windows Vista/7 x64)
07.07.10 Fixed: Lister on Linux/Wine: Do not replace characters by dot placeholder if fixed width font was requested, but variable width font returned
07.07.10 Fixed: Problems with AutoHotkey because of renamed buttons in "Configure directory hotlist"
06.07.10 Added: Always show administrative shares (experimental, WinNT-based systems only): wincmd.ini [Configuration] AdminShares=1
04.07.10 Fixed: Custom sounds not working on Windows XP x64
04.07.10 Fixed: FTP in background: TC tried to resume the download even when user aborted downloading a binary file transferred in text mode
04.07.10 Fixed: FTP: "ABOR" command wasn't sent when user aborted downloading a binary file transferred in text mode
04.07.10 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Speed limit could be significantly lower than chosen by the user
02.07.10 Fixed: FTP: Made the detection of UTF-8 encoding compliant with RFC 2640: If the FEAT command returns a line with UTF8, the encoding is ON by default, even if OPTS UTF8 ON returns an error
02.07.10 Fixed: Load per file icons (e.g. exe/lnk) always in background, not only on first load (should make network drives more responsive)
02.07.10 Fixed: When deleting files as admin from system32 while x64DisableRedirection=1, redirect calls to tcmadmin to SysNative (will work on XP64 only when installing Microsoft patch)

30.06.10 Release Total Commander 7.55a pre2
29.06.10 Fixed: Decode file: List not refreshed when user gave a single dot "." as target
28.06.10 Fixed: Remote Terminal Server drives not shown on Windows Server 2003 because WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId returned 0
28.06.10 Fixed: Show error when user tries to use outdated diskdir extended plugin
28.06.10 Fixed: Move directory containing read-only file(s) to different drive -> directory timestamp couldn't be moved with the directory, because NTFS updated the timestamp when the read only file was deleted
28.06.10 Fixed: User-defined "unpack complete" sound played twice also when unpacking TAR archive, or with packer plugin supporting background operations
27.06.10 Fixed: TAR archives: Unpack files with long name stored in pax (portable archive interchange) format extended header (see The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6, IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition)
27.06.10 Fixed: Send OPTS MLST command when server doesn't send all fields by default (e.g. UNIX.mode)
27.06.10 Fixed: FTP "Send commands": Couldn't send command containing ";" character -> put command in double quotes e.g. "OPTS MLST Type;Size;Modify;Perm;UNIX.mode;"
27.06.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with files which differ only in case: Re-alignment stopped after the first matching file
27.06.10 Added: Allow user to choose whether Ctrl+C should use Explorer extensions or not (default is no, it's much faster): wincmd.ini [Configuration] UseFastCtrlC=1/0 (Set to 0 to use Explorer extensions)

25.06.10 Release Total Commander 7.55a pre1
25.06.10 Added: Synchronize dirs with files which differ only in case: show slashed circle for files which will not be synchronized
25.06.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with files which differ only in case, e.g. Aaa and AAA: Align more than one matching names, do not align non-matching names at all if there are dupes
24.06.10 Fixed: User-defined "unpack complete" sound played twice when unpacking RAR files (since the unpacking is now done in a background thread)
24.06.10 Fixed: Could not delete anything in Sync tool with VistaDelete=1 and x64DisableRedirection=1
24.06.10 Fixed: FTPS Uploads hang to Serv-U 9-4-0-0 due to a bug in Serv-U (incorrect shutdown handling)
24.06.10 Fixed: MIME-Decode (base64): Ignore spaces in the data
23.06.10 Fixed: FTP: If the server dropped the control connection during a download with a "connection reset", TC 7.55 would restart the download from start instead of resuming
23.06.10 Added: Drive button bar: Do not show USB card reader slots with no media: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HideRemovableNoMedia=1 (NT-based systems only, turn off when too slow)
23.06.10 Fixed: Upload of subdir to FTP failed if connection was lost (timeout) before the upload started
22.06.10 Fixed: Dynamically create copyright notice with Unicode in Splash screen so it also works on e.g. Chinese Windows
22.06.10 Added: Multi-rename tool: Added a switch to always create Unicode file for external editor (e.g. to change English names to add characters from other codepages): wincmd.ini [Configuration] RenameEditUnicode=1
21.06.10 Fixed: FTP compare by content: Handle special case where FTP server cuts leading zeroes from checksum (e.g. Serv-U)
21.06.10 Fixed: When auto-installing language file with included help file, use that help when user presses F1
21.06.10 Fixed: When switching to CD-ROM drive while tray is open, do not abort reading with error after 5 seconds. Instead, show "Connecting" dialog
21.06.10 Fixed: When closing command line dropdown combobox, place cursor at the end of the line also in brief view
20.06.10 Fixed: Drag&Drop and Properties dialog not working with option x64DisableRedirection=1 (Windows 7 only)
20.06.10 Fixed: Tree wasn't updated when user changed to different directory via right click on button bar and choosing cd c:\some path


gone for good
AW: Commander 7.55 RC 1

Total Commander 7.56a Final

17.12.10 Release Total Commander 7.56a final
17.12.10 Fixed: Included new tcmdx64.exe with fix from 28.09.10 (shift in context menu)
16.12.10 Fixed: Memory leak when closing Search dialog with [X] button (search results not preserved)

14.12.10 Release Total Commander 7.56a release candidate 1
14.12.10 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareUtf8Detect=1: Determines how compare by content detects UTF-8 files: 0=only by byte order marker (BOM), 1=by content, at least one multi-byte char present, 2=detected as UTF-8 if no invalid (non-UTF-8) byte sequences present
14.12.10 Fixed: Compare by content: Do not show files as UTF-8 if they contain the UTF-8 HTML header but also invalid UTF-8 characters (e.g. plain text accents)
13.12.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: When unpacking, do not try to show thumbnails in overwrite dialog (could hang with large archives)
13.12.10 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DllLoad=0 Set DLL load method for plugins and Explorer extensions: -1: Never from current dir (most secure), 0: Only in context menu, 1: always also from current dir (as TC7.55a and older)
13.12.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Disable "Synchronize" button after user clicks on it, to avoid that he clicks on it twice
13.12.10 Fixed: TC was not closing on XP when "File open" dialog was open in "Compare by content"
12.12.10 Fixed: Windows 7: When using a large font size (e.g. 150dpi), the default cursor (dotted line) wasn't erased when going to next line in file lists (because it was 2 pixels wide)
10.12.10 Fixed: System information: Windows Server 2008 R2 was not detected (was shown as Windows 7)

08.12.10 Release Total Commander 7.56a beta 1
08.12.10 Fixed: Some files like wcmzip32.dll couldn't be found when TC was started by some 3rd party program launchers like Informer (Yahoo widget), which used forward slashes in the name (c:/totalcmd/totalcmd.exe)
05.12.10 Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment: Handle case where other programs stored an empty comment in descript.ion (file name followed by a single space)
05.12.10 Fixed: Right click context menu: "Send to"-"Mail Recipient" not working with Outlook 2003 (due to insecure dll loading in Outlook)
05.12.10 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, button [N#-#] Part: Name was no longer selected initially
05.12.10 Fixed: Watch directory changes: Do not wait until the background thread stopped watching when changing dirs, just disable handling the results -> faster dir changes (especially when at 100% CPU)
02.12.10 Fixed: Windows Server 2008 R2: F4 not working if path to notepad.exe wasn't set, because notepad isn't in Windows directory as expected -> look also in system32
02.12.10 Fixed: Button bar: Beginning a command with a '*' followed by a name in double quotes didn't work to run the program with admin rights
02.12.10 Fixed: FTP download from list didn't take last line if it wasn't ending with a line break



AW: Commander 7.55 RC 1

Wieso steht in der History schon 7.57a RC1 ?
28.02.12 Release Total Commander 7.57a release candidate 1
28.02.12 Added: Log function for icon thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DebugIconThread=1 to allow test why icon extraction or dir size calculation hangs (=2 for more details)
26.02.12 Fixed: Use old function to check for infinite loops in Alt+Shift+Enter function (count directories), it may be responsible for the failing of the function
26.02.12 Fixed: Selecting text with the mouse in compare by content no longer worked

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