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Es gibt sowohl von Easy2Boot als auch vom MPI-Tool-Pack
neue Versionen.

Whats New:
v1.82 2016-08-13 - New grub4dos 0.4.6a 'E2B.cfg missing'
bug fix. SDI_CHOCO (automated driver and apps install for Win 7/8/10) now added.
New Win8/10 SDI_CHOCO XML files.
Fix for Windows Setup refusing to install to internal hard disk if using E2B HDD+WINHELPER flash drive with some systems.
Install from XP ISO hang/reset bugfix.
Support for WSUS Offline update in SDI_CHOCO added.
Small tweak to \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst to remove unneeded screen clear.
Improve LOADISO.cmd routine when searching for virtual Win7/8/10 ImDisk DVD drives.
Added two new bootmgr versions to 'whitelist' for VHD booting.


gläubiger Atheist...
Herr ChaotenPirat, ich habe mit Sergei telepathiert,
er brachte Easy2Boot 2.04 Multilingual
extra für dich heraus:

2.04 2020-06-02 - Update_E2B_Drive.cmd will now also upate agFM (if present). Danish language support added., add direct wim boot support for Strelec (use .isowin file extension). Add Danish keyboard file. small tweaks to be compatible with agFM v1.51. bugfix for 'imdisk' error when booting to Windows ISOs and using agFM v1.50 or later, support .isoventoy file extension (same function as .isodef).

Read more: https://www.easy2boot.com/download/e2b-version-history/

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