Media Player Classic Home Cinema


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.1.4235 [update 01.04.2012]

hier läuft das Video auch ohne zusätzlicher Codecs einwandfrei.

Desktop Win7 Ultimate 64bit
Laptop Win7 Home 64 Bit


janz wech. fresse halten,wenn man keine ahnung hat
AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.1.4235 [update 01.04.2012]

Ich bin jetzt auf VLC und da läufts auch einwandfrei. Der Ärger mit den Drecksteil ist vorbei.
VLC sagt übrigens h.264 codec für das Video und offensichtlich ist dort Nachholbedarf.


gone for good
AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.1.4235 [update 01.04.2012]

Also ich hab keine Probs mit dem MPC HC und diesem Video...


TotalCommander Godfather
AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.1.4235 [update 01.04.2012]

Hier gibts auch keine Probleme mit mpc - und mpc als Dreck bezeichnen und dann solch einen *** wie vlc benutzen *roflmao*
gibt ja wohl echt keinen schlimmeren "MediaPlayer" als VLC....


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.3.5818 [update 26.05.2012]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.3.5818 [update 14.08.2012]


Neuerungen in Version

New webpage (
Source code moved to GitHub (
The DirectX runtime dlls are included in the distribution packages so it’s no longer needed to install the DirectX runtime
MpegSplitter: support for DVD-Audio LPCM and MLP in .aob files
Use FFmpeg for AC3 and DTS decoding
If the icon library is modified in a way that can break the icons associated to the extensions handled by MPC-HC, MPC-HC will automatically try to fix the registry so that each extension is associated to the correct icon


Unrar is statically linked and so MPC-HC and VSFilter no longer need the unrar dll
The Icon Library was rewritten leading to smaller size
The Output Options page was redesigned for better usability
Ticket #625, The translation dll’s size was decreased by 2/3 (uncompressed)
Ticket #2227, Hide the seek bar in capture mode
Ticket #2276, Use the new user interface on Vista and later for the Save dialogs
Ticket #2342, MPC-HC will now use the Windows theme font for the Statusbar, OSD messages and a few other places on Windows Vista and newer
Ticket #2378, Move the “Remember last playlist” option into the Options dialog


Unrar to v4.20
MediaInfoLib to v0.7.59
ZenLib to v0.4.28
FFmpeg (git 603221e)
Little CMS to v2.4 (git eb67549)
SoundTouch to v1.7.0pre r143
Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian translations


The hand cursor wasn’t shown in the web links in Keys and WebServer options page
Toolbar code cleanup and background fix for Windows XP
The last textbox used in the Goto dialog was not remembered since r3964 and r3965
Always show an error message instead of crashing when the argument of a command line switch is missing
OggSplitter: Fix crash with some files
Logitech Keyboard support updated and made optional (Options -> Tweaks)
WebServer: various bugfixes and improvements
Ticket #504, Fixed rounding errors that prevented a properly centered image and caused unneeded resizing because the video size was off by one
Ticket #2330, Fix the radio buttons in the Logo options page
Ticket #2349, Recent Files: “Clear List” did not remove all files from the list
Ticket #2356, The “With icons” and “File(s)” options in the Formats options page were not applied if no association was previously modified
Ticket #2362, [DVB] Fix the Electronic Program Guide (EPG):

Fix the parsing of the event’s information
Fix the parsing of the characters’ encoding
Fix the display of the start and end time when DST is observed

Ticket #2365, The volume slider wasn’t properly redrawn in some cases
Ticket #2427, The command line was not parsed when using slave mode
Ticket #2470, API: Ensure that a 32-bit application can control MPC-HC 64-bit
Ticket #2493, Fix a crash when saving subtitles using the sub format
Numerous other bugfixes and improvements


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.4.6052 [update 01.10.2012]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.4.6052 [update 01.10.2012]


Neuerungen in Version

  • MPCVideoDec: Add support for 4K for Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • AVI Splitter: Add a property page so that the support for non interleaved files can be turned on/off. Support for such files is now enabled by default. The old AVI Chunk Viewer dialog has been removed.
  • Added chapter indicators to the seekbar and the chapter name is now displayed in the time tooltip.
  • Added keys for changing volume by increments of 1

  • Changed:

  • Remove .dat extension from the icon library and the formats (you can still associate it in the “Others” formats)
  • Re-enable the embedded resources viewer in the properties dialog and improve its “open in browser” function (when double clicking on a resource)
  • Store the path to MPC-HC’s executable in HKEY_CURRENT_USER for external use. External applications that depend on that path should get it from there rather than HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The old key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE will be removed in the next version
  • Changed default maximum subtitle resolution to “Desktop”

  • Updated:

  • Updated FFmpeg (n0.8-14000-g015b805)
  • Updated Little CMS to v2.4 (git 728139a)
  • Updated SoundTouch to v1.7.0
  • Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.60 r5048
  • Updated ZenLib to v0.4.28 r403
  • Updated VirtualDub to v1.10.3-test6
  • Basque, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Slovak translations

  • Fixed:

  • The hand cursor wasn’t shown in the web links in Keys and WebServer options page
  • Web interface: Fix the “Deploy” feature
  • Subtitles didn’t show in some cases when using the internal subtitles renderer
  • Improve DVB subtitles handling:

  • Fix missing subtitles
  • Ticket #2589, Fix wrongly colored subtitles

  • Fix missing subtitles
  • Fix wrong display duration



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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.4.6052 [update 01.10.2012]

Das Teil ist total verkorkst. Vorherige Versionen haben meine AVCHD-Files von der Kamera anstandslos abgespielt, diese Version gibt die in S/W auf dem Kopf stehend spiegelverkehrt mit horizontalen grünen Linien durchzogen wieder. Der eingeblendete Untertitel (Aufnahmedatum/ zeit) wird dabei einmal Oben spiegelverkehrt und gleichzeitig richtig wiedergegeben. Habe vorerst die Version vom Oktober wieder drauf.


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.5.6366 [update 16.12.2012]

Die finale Version ist erschienen, Version auf
Das Problem mit der verkorksten AVCHD-Wiedergabe ist auch geklärt, bei den Einstellungen muß der interne Filter H264/AVC(FFmpeg) deaktiviert werden, der ist per default eingeschaltet und wird bevorzugt benutzt.
Schönen Abend noch.


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.8.7417 [update 15.06.2013]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.8.7417 [update 15.06.2013]

Info und Download:

Neuerungen in Version
  • New:
  • DVB: Show the parental rating and the content type within the EPG information when available
  • Ticket #2872, Add support for DVB-T2 and improve channel switching (new options are available to have a finer control on switching process)
  • Ticket #3179, DVB: Support EPG information for Freeview broadcast (UK DVB-T2)
  • Changed:
  • Audio Switcher improvements:
    • Ticket #1936, Improve the normalization algorithm to avoid huge volume variations
    • Use percentage for the boost setting since it is easier to understand for most people
    • Add a setting to change the max normalization factor and use a default max normalization factor of 4 instead of 10
  • Ticket #2567, New About dialog with more detailed information and a “Copy to clipboard” feature to ease support
  • Updated:
  • Little CMS to v2.5-rc1
  • zlib to v1.2.8
  • Unrar to v5.0.6
  • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.63
  • ZenLib to v0.4.29
  • Basque, Czech, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified / Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Ukrainian translations
  • Fixed:
  • PGS and DVB subtitles: Fix missing subtitles after resizing the window when using the subpicture queue
  • Open dialog: if a URL was previously enterer in the “Open” or “Dub” fields an error message was shown when clicking the “Browse” button
  • Vobsub files with language/title in their filenames weren’t auto-loaded
  • Fix a memory leak: the memory consumption would increase noticeably until the file was closed when the file had chapters and the chapter marks on seekbar were enabled
  • Capture mode: Fix reseting the renderer. When reseting the renderer in capture mode playback was stopped and never restarted
  • Ticket #3110, DVB: Improve compatibility with some drivers for which MPC-HC failed to find any channel during the channel scan
  • Ticket #3113, MPC-HC was sometimes slow to close (audio kept playing for a few seconds)
  • Ticket #3175, DVB: Changing the channel was exiting fullscreen or maximized mode
  • Ticket #3176, EVR renderers: Fix high CPU and memory usage when switching the user account


gone for good
1.7.0 - not released yet
+ Replace the internal filters with LAV Filters.
LAV Filters are modern open source DirectShow filters based on FFmpeg. They are known to be
reliable and fast and overall should be more stable than the old filters.
MPC-HC integrates LAV Filters directly and no extra installation steps are required. The embedded
version of LAV Filters doesn't interact at all with other installed DirectShow filters (including
standalone versions of LAV Filters).
Note to XP users: hardware decoding is only supported on nVidia graphic adapters. If you
really need a DXVA decoder, you can use a standalone version of MPC Video Decoder.

Hm... Weiss noch nicht, ob ich das gut finden soll.


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.1 [update 17.11.2013]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.1 [update 17.11.2013]

Info und Download:

Neuerungen in Version 1.7.1:
  • New:
  • Ticket #2655, Internal filters: Support WMV/ASF/DVR-MS splitting
  • Ticket #3548, Add British English translation
  • Ticket #3590, Internal filters: Support for HEVC and VP9
  • Ticket #3605, Support playlists using UTF8 encoding without BOM
  • Ticket #3643, Add Slovenian translation
  • Changed:
  • Ticket #3569/#3679/#3680, Disable internal WMV/ASF/DVR-MS splitting and WMV decoding by default since Microsoft filters are generally more stable
  • Updated:
  • LAV Filters to
    • Ticket #3576, LAV Video: Support H264 Annex B format in MP4 files
    • Ticket #3601, LAV Video: Fix a crash with DXVA on AMD cards when stopping playback
    • Ticket #3676, LAV Audio: Fix a crash when using old versions of the ArcSoft DTS Decoder to handle DTS decoding internally
    • Ticket #3688, LAV Audio: Fix a freeze when changing the bitstreaming settings when paused
  • VirtualDub to v1.10.4
  • Unrar to v5.0.0.12
  • Little CMS to v2.6b (git 69ecafd)
  • French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Simplified Chinese translations
  • Fixed:
  • DVD: The chapter marks could be wrong for some titles
  • Ticket #1478, Slightly improve the precision of the frame number in the “Go To” dialog. The frame number was sometimes off by 1. This was easily noticeable when doing frame-stepping
  • Ticket #1555, Use elapsed/remaining time for the chapter change OSD depending on what is selected for the time display. Also prevent the OSD from blinking when changing the chapter
  • Ticket #3518:trac:, Improve the reliability of the [DXVA] indicator in the status bar. Sometimes the indicator wasn’t shown when hardware acceleration was used
  • Ticket #3523/#3533/#3551, Improve the stability of MPC-HC on buggy systems
  • Ticket #3530, Internal LAV Splitter: the advanced subtitle selection modes were ignored
  • Ticket #3564, If “Keep history of recently opened file” option was enabled, MPC-HC crashed when opening very long URLs
  • Ticket #3672, “Output” property page: “Shader” and “Rotation” were sometimes wrongly displayed as unavailable for “Sync renderer”
  • Ticket #3702, External audio was not synced on open if restarting from the last remembered position
  • Ticket #3720, DVB: Obey the Auto-zoom option when opening a channel


gone for good
Geht es eigentlich nur mir so, oder ist der MPC nahezu unbrauchbar für DVD's?
Über das DVD Menu geht jedenfalls gar nichts, der MPC hängt sich schlicht auf.

Zumindest für solche, die als VIDEO_TS auf der HD liegen.


Geht es eigentlich nur mir so, oder ist der MPC nahezu unbrauchbar für DVD's?
Über das DVD Menu geht jedenfalls gar nichts, der MPC hängt sich schlicht auf.

Hmm, .... habe selbst keine Probleme (bis auf ggf. einige Wartezeit bis zum Filmstart, wg. "Copyright"), die Möglichkeit mit x86 und x64 ist Dir ja bekannt?

Zur Not arbeite ich immer noch mit dem VLC player ....


gone for good
Nun, welche Datei soll man denn öffnen? Ich denke, es müsste die VIDEO_TS.IFO sein, oder nicht?
Tue ich das, kommt dann ja irgendwann das Menü. Und da kann ich klicken, was ich will, MPC hängt.
Manchmal hängt er sogar, bevor das Menü erscheint.

Und das sind nicht Ausnahmen, sondern ist eigentlich immer so.

x64 oder x86 ist dabei völlig wumpe.

Klar habe ich auch andere Player hier, aber gerade auf dem schlappen Schleppi ist der MPC schön schlank.


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Meine DVD's liegen als ISO vor, die ich mit VirtualCloneDrive mounte. Du hast Recht, mit der 64Bit-Version gibt es Probleme (unter Win7/64), aber die 32er funzt ohne Probleme.


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.2 [update 26.01.2014]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.2 [update 26.01.2014]

Info und Download:

Neuerungen in Version 1.7.2:
  • New:
    • Added support for XySubFilter, only compatible with embedded subtitles for now
    • New option to auto-hide docked panels together with toolbars
    • Support pixel shader presets (with shortcuts and command line options)
    • Show more descriptive window title in capture mode
    • Ability to add all media files in folder from playlist panel context menu
    • New Croatian and Malay translations
    • Ticket #1556, Ability to move the player window by dragging the video area during DVD playback
    • Ticket #2251, Show hidden main menu with Alt key
    • Ticket #3235, Option to delay playback when auto-change fullscreen monitor mode feature is used
    • Ticket #3284, Option to auto-hide mouse pointer in windowed mode during playback
    • Ticket #3379, “Left Up” mouse keybinding now allows to move the player window by dragging the video area
    • Ticket #3614, Do medium jumps when pressing mouse navigation buttons on the seekbar
  • Changed:
    • Optimized subtitle renderer:
      • performance has been greatly improved both for subtitle parsing and rendering (often 5 times faster or more)
      • some subtitles which might have been missing before will now be displayed
    • The storing mechanism of pixel shaders was redesigned:
      • each pixel shader is now stored in its own file with .hlsl extension
      • shader files are reloaded automatically when MPC-HC detects changes in them
      • internal pixel shader editor was removed, you’re supposed to use specialized external editors from now on, but can still view compilation output in “Debug Shaders” window
      • internal video renderers now always use the latest supported shader profile to compile pixel shaders
    • More flexible auto-hide controls in fullscreen configuration options
    • Multiple high DPI scaling interface improvements
  • Updated:
    • LAV Filters to v0.60.1.5:
      • Ticket #3540, LAV Splitter: The current/average bitrate is now shown in the Information panel
      • Ticket #3760, LAV Video: Fix a crash when opening some DVDs on 64-bit
      • Ticket #3793, LAV Video: Fix a decoding issue with some H264 files
      • Ticket #3849, LAV Video: DXVA VC1/WMV3 decoding now works on Intel cards
      • Ticket #3862, LAV Splitter: Fix a crash when opening MKV files with big attachments
      • Ticket #3929, LAV Video: Fix a crash when trying to decode WMV-3/VC1 with the DMO decoder unavailable
    • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.67
    • ZenLib to v0.4.29 r453
    • Little CMS to v2.6b (git 579b3aa)
    • Unrar to v5.0.0.14
    • Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, British English, Catalan, Czech, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian translations
  • Fixed:
    • Internal subtitles renderer: Vobsub/PGS/DVB subtitles are now rendered relative to the video frame
    • Warnings were not displayed in pixel shader compilation output
    • DVB: It was sometimes impossible to restart playback after it was stopped
    • Output property page: Fix VMR-9 renderless settings (some controls were disabled when they shouldn’t have been)
    • Ticket #720/#1807/#2625/#3161 Improve stability in analog capture mode when using EVR-CP/Sync renderer
    • Ticket #1300/#2081, Toolbars auto-hiding now always works properly in multi-display configurations
    • Ticket #2460, Some subtitle entries were rendered twice depending on how entries overlapped. This led to incorrect transparency
    • Ticket #2461, ASS reset style tag (\r) broke “Position subtitle relative to the video frame”
    • Ticket #3243, Fix a crash when starting MPC-HC with the WebUI enabled and certain regional settings
    • Ticket #3479, Improve the behavior of MPC-HC when some security tools prevent it from initializing correctly
    • Ticket #3650, Improve the speed of subtitles toggling (on/off) and switching
    • Ticket #3668, MPC-HC could crash when reloading subtitles
    • Ticket #3922, “Play -> Subtitles” menu actions were off by one when playing a DVD and only external subtitles were available
    • Ticket #3963, Update the chapter marks on the seekbar when the media length changes. The bug was most often seen for MKV with multiple editions


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.6 [update 05.07.2014]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.6 [update 05.07.2014]

Info und Download:

Neuerungen in Version 1.7.6:
  • New:
    • ISR: Add an option to control subtitle renderer behavior regarding anamorphic video
    • ISR: Add an option to render subtitles at the source video resolution like VSFilter.
    • VSFilter: Display more informative names for external subtitles (similar to what is done with the internal subtitle renderer)
    • Add a “Copy to clipboard” feature to the “Play > Filters” menu so that the list of currently loaded filters can be copied easily
    • Add an option in the “Save Subtitle” dialog to control the export of the default style as an external “.style” file
    • Ticket #1411, Internal Subtitle Renderer/VSFilter: Support loading external PGS subtitles
  • Changed:
    • Don’t use auto-zoom feature when the window was positioned using the Aero Snap
    • Don’t exit fullscreen when loosing focus to a window on the same monitor
    • Text subtitles: When rendering to the video frame, clip subtitles that go out of the frame
    • Text subtitles: Faster subtitle parsing (around 20%)
    • Ticket #4144, Move the user interface language selection to the Options dialog and remove the “Language” menu. The increasing number of translations had reduced the usability of the menu
    • Ticket #3739, Make error reporting less verbose when some non-critical DVD hooks fail
  • Updated:
    • Little CMS to v2.6 (git 4da8703)
    • Unrar to v5.1.6
    • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.69
    • ZenLib to v0.4.29 r458
    • LAV Filters to stable version 0.62.0:
      • LAV Video: Support VP7 video
      • LAV Video: Use the MediaFoundation WMV decoder on Windows 7+ instead of the DMO WMV decoder
      • Ticket #3575, LAV Splitter: Alternate audio support for HLS
      • Ticket #4032, LAV Video: Fix some issues with DVD subtitles (flashing, overlapping and generally all kind of timing issues)
      • Ticket #4326, LAV Splitter: No subtitles were displayed when using the special “Forced subtitles” track created for PGS subtitles
      • Ticket #4357, LAV Video: Fix some performance regressions introduced in v0.61 (mostly visible on old operating systems like Windows XP)
    • Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tatar, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
  • Fixed:
    • The dockable bars were not updated when changing the UI language
    • Statusbar: Fixed occasional flickering of text and media type icon
    • D3D Fullscreen last state was inverted and wasn’t properly restored with “Remember last window size and position” option
    • D3D Fullscreen produced invisible window for audio-only files
    • Ticket #34, VSFilter/ISR: Override placement feature was not working even if enabled
    • Ticket #1574/#4171, ISR: Subtitle positioning was wrong when using default style override
    • Ticket #2244, ISR: Changes in subresync bar were lost after changing style
    • Ticket #2671, VSFilter: Video frames were not marked as interlaced
    • Ticket #3036, Fix drag-and-drop from some applications. Drag-and-dropping a downloaded file from Chrome failed for example
    • Ticket #3701, Subtitle outline was too thick when using default style override
    • Ticket #4213, Fix a deadlock when starting MPC-HC in D3D fullscreen and auto-changing the monitor mode
    • Ticket #4213, Fix auto-changing the monitor mode when starting in D3D fullscreen with “play 0 time” option or the auto-change delay greater than 0s
    • Ticket #4213, D3D fullscreen: Obey “Apply default monitor mode on fullscreen exit” option
    • Ticket #4214, Fix monitor mode flickering when auto-changing the monitor mode
    • Ticket #4284, Auto-zoom feature didn’t work properly when the taskbar was docked at the left or the top of the screen
    • Ticket #4285, Fix a freeze when opening some files when EVR-CP or Sync renderer are selected
    • Ticket #4285, EVR-CP and Sync renderers: Properly set the aspect ratio
    • Ticket #4288, Changing the zoom level when in fullscreen mode did nothing
    • Ticket #4298, The auto-change fullscreen mode monitor settings could be randomly corrupted or missing
    • Ticket #4299, Frame stepping was not working for DVD
    • Ticket #4307, ANSI subtitles files with Unix line endings could crash MPC-HC
    • Ticket #4408, Remember window position: Ensure the window can’t be completely hidden after restoring it


Nach dem Versagen (Aufhängen, Abstürzen) des Progs "1.7.5", auf mehreren Rechnern, bin ich nun erst einmal vorsichtig ...
(War irgend jemandem Ähnliches wiederfahren?)


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AW: Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.8 [update 25.01.2015]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.8 [update 25.01.2015]

Info und Download:

Neuerungen in Version 1.7.8:
  • New:
    • DVB: Show current event time in the status bar
    • DVB: Add context menu to the navigation dialog
    • Add Finnish and Serbian translations
    • Ticket #907, Enable “Properties” dialog for DVD and DVB playback modes
    • Ticket #1091, Support MediaInfo analyse for DVD
    • Ticket #1494, Add tooltip in the “Organize Favorites” dialog with path of the item
    • Ticket #2438, Keep history of recently opened DVD directories
    • Ticket #3647, Internal LAV Video Decoder: Support Cinepack and QPEG in low-merit mode
    • Ticket #4941, Support embedded cover-art
  • Changed:
    • DVB: Improve channel switching speed
    • The “Properties” dialog should open faster being that the MediaInfo analysis is now done asynchronously
    • Make double-click tolerance consistent with system settings
    • Ticket #4978, Execute “once” after playback event when playlist ends, regardless of the loop count
    • Ticket #4991, Text subtitles: “opaque box” outlines will now always be drawn even if the border width is set to 0. The size of the text is independent of the border width so there is no reason not to draw that part
    • Ticket #5056, Position the text subtitles relative to the video frame by default
  • Updated:
    • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.71
    • ZenLib to v0.4.29 r498
    • SoundTouch to v1.8.0 r201
    • Little CMS to v2.7 (git 8174681)
    • Unrar to v5.2.3
    • LAV Filters to v0.63.0.52:
      • LAV Video Decoder: Fix a crash when the video height is not a multiple of 2
      • Ticket #3144, LAV Splitter: Support librtmp parameters for RTMP streams
      • Ticket #4407, LAV Video Decoder: Fix a rare crash when checking the compatibility with hardware decoding
      • Ticket #5030, LAV Video Decoder: The video timestamps could be wrong in some cases when using H264 DXVA decoding. This could lead to synchronization issue with the audio
      • Ticket #5047, LAV Splitter: Fix missing tracks in (m2)ts files
      • Ticket #5116, LAV Video Decoder: Fix aspect ratio for some MPEG2 streams
    • Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tatar, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
  • Fixed:
    • XySubFilter: Always preserve subtitle frame aspect ratio
    • Properties dialog: The creation time did not account for the local timezone
    • Properties dialog: More consistent UI for the “Resources” tab
    • PGSSub: Subtitles could have opaque background instead of transparent one
    • Audio CDROMs with extra content could not be played
    • Ticket #2420, Improve the reliability of the DirectShow hooks
    • Ticket #2626, Fix some rare crashes when another application prevents MPC-HC from rendering the video
    • Ticket #2953, DVB: Fix crash when closing window right after switching channel
    • Ticket #3324, Some applications could interfere with Skype API and prevent MPC-HC from running when “Display “Now Playing” information in Skype’s mood message” was enabled
    • Ticket #3666, DVB: Don’t clear the channel list on saving new scan result
    • Ticket #3742, Sync Renderer: Fix rare crashes when using Sync Renderer with “synchronize video to display” option enabled
    • Ticket #3864, Video renderers: Fix a possible crash caused by a race condition
    • Ticket #3991, Video renderers: Fix a possible crash when the D3D device cannot be created
    • Ticket #4029, Fix a rare crash when right-clicking on the playlist panel
    • Ticket #4436, DVB: Improve compatibility with certain tuners
    • Ticket #4551, Fix a possible crash when saving the current frame
    • Ticket #4721, Audio CD playback could hang and stutter with some drives
    • Ticket #4933, ASS/SSA subtitles: Fix a crash for elements with no horizontal border but a vertical one
    • Ticket #4937, Prevent showing black bars when window size after scale exceed current work area
    • Ticket #4938, Fix resetting the settings from the “Options” dialog: some settings were (randomly) not restored to their default value
    • Ticket #4954, Open dialog: Support quoted paths
    • Ticket #4956, Improve Play/Pause mouse click responsiveness
    • Ticket #4957/#4982, Do not adjust window width in audio mode if no cover-art/logo is loaded or its size is limited to zero
    • Ticket #4969, DVD playback could fail with an error related to copy protection on some systems
    • Ticket #4971, Bring back “Play next file in the folder” event in single time events menu
    • Ticket #4975, Unrelated images could be loaded as cover-art when no author information was available in the audio file
    • Ticket #4991, Text subtitles: “opaque box” outlines were scaled twice
    • Ticket #4992, DVB: Enabling the “Information” panel using the “Info” button on the “Navigation” dialog would reduce the size of the main window when hiding the panel from the “View” menu
    • Ticket #4993, DVB: The content of the “Information” panel was lost when changing the UI language
    • Ticket #4994, The “Channels” sub-menu was not translated
    • Ticket #4995, Some context menus weren’t properly positioned when opened by App key
    • Ticket #5010, Text subtitles: Fix a crash in case of memory allocation failure
    • Ticket #5055, True/False strings were not translated in value column on advanced page
    • Ticket #5067/#5203, Fix RealText subtitle parsing: the parser did not work at all and could even crash
    • Ticket #5127, Improve the behavior of MPC-HC when doing the MediaInfo analysis when playing from an optical drive. Playback will now be paused during the analysis to avoid concurrent accesses to the disk that might hang playback
    • Ticket #5130, Lock the player when the scan dialog is opened. Double-clicking on a media file will always open a new instance of MPC-HC in this case. This avoids interrupting the scan accidentally and fixes the issues which used to arise when doing that
    • Ticket #5130, Remove the information corresponding to the previously playing channel during the DVB scan
    • Ticket #5131, DVD playback could stutter on some systems


gone for good
Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.7.10 [update 14.11.2015]

Info und Download:

Neuerungen in Version 1.7.10:
1.7.10 - 14 November 2015
  • New:
    • Add Indonesian, Lithuanian and Punjabi translations
    • Ticket #5411, Add an option to disable the preview in the web interface. This option is disabled by default since it must be used only on a properly secured private network
  • Changed:
    • Completely new Internal Audio Renderer:
      • Uses sanear project as backend
      • Requires Windows Vista or newer
      • Outputs sound through WASAPI (shared or exclusive)
      • Employs automatic channel downmixing
      • Provides stereo crossfeed processing option (for headphones)
      • Tries to preserve signal pitch when playing at custom rate (time stretching)
      • Supports bitstreaming
      • Fixes tickets #203, #1961, #2731, #3653, #4047, #5267
    • Ticket #3356, Initial support for per-monitor DPI scaling
    • Use internal audio decoder by default for Opus decoding
    • Ticket #5450/#5479, Improved crash reporting dialog for better stability and user experience
    • Ticket #5472, Make it easier to input value to the “Audio time shift” field in options
    • OGM stream switching hotkeys were unified with generic ones
  • Updated:
    • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.75
    • Little CMS to v2.7 (git 07da965)
    • LAV Filters to stable version 0.66.0:
      • LAV Splitter: New ASF/WMV demuxer
      • Ticket #5548, LAV Splitter: Fix some rare deadlocks at startup
      • LAV Video Decoder: Allow hardware decoding of UHD video with AMD cards
    • Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
  • Fixed:
    • Fix a rare crash when exiting DVB mode
    • QuickTime: Fix a crash when using system default renderer
    • Fix “snap to desktop edge” and “autofit zoom” on Windows 10
    • Fix reliability and stability of the D3D Fullscreen mode
    • Ticket #4086, Logitech LCD: Correctly initialize the volume at start-up
    • Ticket #5248, Adjust mouse behavior for Windows 10
    • Ticket #5454, Deleting an item from the playlist sometimes did not work when shuffle mode was enabled
    • Ticket #5464, If the main window was minimized while the D3D Fullscreen window was displayed on another screen, it was impossible to use the mouse buttons to play, pause, exit fullscreen, etc.
    • Ticket #5488, Suggested filename was wrong when saving subtitles in specific cases
    • Ticket #5496, Subtitle downloader dialog: the preferred languages were sometimes not displayed first
    • Ticket #5515, Blu-ray (PGS) subtitles were sometimes not displayed
    • Ticket #5519, SRT subtitles: Support parsing files with negative timecodes
    • Ticket #5573, /monitor command line was ignored when remember window position was enabled
    • Ticket #5573, The window could return to the wrong monitor when started fullscreen using the command line /monitor N /fullscreen if “remember window size” was enabled and “remember window position” was disabled
    • Ticket #5643, Stream selection did not work when using external audio file in specific cases
    • Ticket #5647, Drag&Drop was not starting playback if source folder was read only


Schade, daß es mit MPC-HC zu Ende geht.
Hat mir jahrelang gut gefallen.
Also ab jetzt VLC.......



Team (Founder)
v1.7.13, the latest, and probably the last release of our project…

Trost ist, dass die aktuelle neueste MPC-HC Version noch sehr lange funktionieren wird, auch ohne aktuelle Projektpflege. Ich mache es aktuell auf meine Windows-Installationen unbesehen drauf und wüsste jetzt nicht, was in den nächsten Jahren deshalb an Fuckups auf mich zukommen könnte.

Aber schade ist es schon, dass der MPC-HC nicht mehr weiter gepflegt wird. Der MPC-HC ist einfach ein schönes Stück Software. Ich will die Zeiten ohne MPC-HC nicht mehr wiederhaben. Hat das Dateiverknüpfungs - Format - Codec Durcheinander nachhaltig in Ordnung gebracht. Das ist eine Software, wie für mich gemacht....


Guten Abend.

MPC-BE: wäre das eine Alternative für euch? Kostet ja kaum Plattenplatz:

Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows.
Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.



Bekanntes Mitglied
Gute Neuigkeiten, es geht weiter mit MP Classic-HC. Noch ist es eine inoffizielle Build, aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

Das offizielle Outlet des Nachfolge- Programmierers clsid scheint ein Thread im Doom9 Forum zu sein, in dessen Startposting der Autor seine aktualisierten Versionen und Changelogs einpflegt:

click here:

Die aktuellen Downloads sind unten im Startposting verlinkt.

//edit Cosmo: Wichtiger Hinweis von Elektrospeedy etwas plakativer gestaltet, damit man nicht darüber hinweg liest und die Verlinkung besser wahr nimmt.
Zuletzt bearbeitet von einem Moderator:


Vorteil: MPC-HC soll wohl weitermachen.
MPC-HE beobachte ich.
Nachteile? Weiß nicht.

Irgend einer findet immer was. Finde ich gut. Benutze beide daher. Kostet mir kein Plattenplatz


Bekanntes Mitglied
Auch auf die Gefahr hin, daß das DARAUF-HINWEISEN-AUF-NEUE-VERSIONEN bei bestimmten Boardis ungefragte OT-Äußerungen hervorruft :icon_tsts:, gestern gab es einen Versionssprung auf 1.8.1.
Change log:
Updated LAV Filters to v0.72-12-g14744
Updated MediaInfo DLL to v18.08.1

Added support for decoding AOMedia AV1 video
Added WMA to internal filters list
Allow using externally installed LAV Filters as internal filters when our own LAV Filters folder doesn't exist.
Added advanced option "AllowInaccurateFastseek", which is enabled by default. When enabled fast seek (to keyframe) is allowed to be very inaccurate (max difference 20 seconds) in files with huge keyframe intervals. When disabled the allowed inaccuracy is much lower, when deciding between a fast and normal seek. For example 30% of jump size.
If a playlist entry points to an URL, then display the title/label in player title bar instead of the URL.
Limit max video height returned by Youtube-DL to 1440 by default. Higher resolutions may not play smoothly due to bandwidth throttling by Youtube.
This value can be customized in: Options > Advanced > YDLMaxHeight

Fixed crash when opening generic URLs. Was a regression since addition of Youtube-DL support in previous version.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Bekanntes Mitglied
MPC-HC 1.8.3 wurde heute zum Download freigegeben:
Changes from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3:
  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.73
  • Improved cover art selection when a file contains multiple embedded covers
  • Added advanced option for controlling usage of Youtube-DL
  • Excluded certain URLs from being processed by Youtube-DL (for example direct file links and URLs without domain)
  • Fixed crash when accessing info page of web interface


Bekanntes Mitglied
MPC-HC v1.8.4
Changelog 1.8.3 to 1.8.4:

* Updated LAV Filters to v0.73.1
* Updated MediaInfo DLL to v18.12

+ Several Youtube-DL related improvements
+ Menu > File > "Save a copy" now also works for online streams
+ Increased maximum image size for "Save Thumbnails" to 3840. Max columns is now 16 and max rows is now 40.

! Fixed slow seeking in certain MP4 files
! Fixed playback of UHD Bluray with internal source filter


Bekanntes Mitglied
An alle Interessierten, die Entwicklung vom beliebten Mediaplayer Classic HC ist wieder eine Stufe weiter gekommen mit Version 1.8.5.
Updated LAV Filters to v0.74

Option to specify command line parameters to use when downloading with youtube-dl (File > Save a Copy). Does not apply to streaming.
CoverArt improvements. Prefer image with same filename. Reduced chance of false positive matches.
Increased max Pan&Scan zoom factor to 5x.

Crash in null renderer. Also support more mediatypes.
Ellipsis character was trimmed off from beginning or end of subtitles.
Ignore auto-zoom setting when remember window size is enabled.
Remember correct playlist position on a non-primary screen from extended Desktop.
Don't use YDL when an URL points to a file.


Bekanntes Mitglied
Es wurde ein Bugfix-Update heute veröffentlicht auf Version 1.8.6.
  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1 (To fix some playback issues in VP9 video)
  • Potential crash when removing shader cache files
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